Assorted Tips To Help You Blog

  • People love  “how-to” posts, illustrated with photos; they love lists “10 Ways To…” and reviews.
  • Make your titles interesting, clearly related to the post topic.
  • Fill in the “alt” tags on images with descriptive keyword that identifies the subject.
  • Link to your own content within your posts.
  • Create a Newsletter and publish it with interesting things to reward your loyal fans.
  • Add at least one picture to each standard post (this is an “aside” post type).

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Camera + App Makes My Blog Pictures Pop

Flower Photo f
Flower Photo for the Garden Blog

I still use a regular digital camera, but the iPhone has made it so much easier to add photos to my blogs. It wasn’t too long after trying out Instagram that I wanted some quick and easy filters and effects on my iPhone photos for the blog.

Along comes advice to try out Camera+, a robust photo editing app for your phone. It makes it easy to add frames, filter effects and numerous tweaks to the original photo. I find it simple to use and learn.

I am actually ready to start upgrading to premium filters and frames; which says lots for the app, since I am notoriously cheap frugal .

Right now I am experimenting to find the styles and effects that I like the best, but one feature that is a real time saver is the way it adds captions to the frames.

To see some of the latest results view the new garden journal blogpost  summing up  the garden in July.

This app is not expensive, and I think you should try it out. It has lots of ways to give Instagram-like frames and looks and many of its own, along with many editing tools to give variety and good looks to your phone photos. Easy to save and share, too.

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Google Page Speed

I switched over to the pagespeed beta offered by Google, recently, It was a major hassle. I had a “bare domain”, this is, without the www. The service required that I switch to the www. form of the domain. I knew I was going to lose a major amount of SEO cred when I divided my domain like that and had all the redirects. What I didn’t know was how hard it would be just to change it. Perhaps that is yet another drawback to horrid Netfirms. The tech people finally helped to get it work at least part time, although I still come up with database error pages- just not all the time. I am hoping it gets ironed out.

Anyway. The switch from Cloudflare, which had so many problems with DOS attacks (not their problem, but still affected me) to Pagespeed beta has been less than stellar ( including the setback of changing my domain address). My google adsense dropped into the small change again.

Maybe when on a bad host like Netfirms you have to have a service like Cloudflare to handle all the bad traffic and problems from hackers? I wish I knew. I know what you are thinking, why not just change hosts? Well, I’ve been looking. Many of the recommended ones have been taken by the conglomerate that made Netfirms so unsatisfactory.  Why work to change to something like that? So, I am still looking….

In the meantime, while Pagespeed has helped the problem of my need for faster pages and the use of a CDN, It is hard for a person like me, someone only a tiny bit knowledgeable about code, domain pointing, MySql and all that stuff. Not very user friendly for those like me.

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Newbies: How To Make A Properly Framed Link

And other amazing things from Lorelle

Do you know Lorelle? If you are working with a WordPress blog, you ought to. She has been around seemingly forever and I know that I gained alot of information and perspective on blogging from her posts in the past. Well, she has written an in depth article on how to make a proper link, and though for some of us that is basic html know-how, there are lots of newbies who find this sort of thing mysterious. Lorelle strips away the curtain of mystery and makes it all clear for you.

I found her directions for framing a proper link on one of her lesser known (to me) blogs, Lorelle Teaches. If you are new to blogging I believe you should bookmark Lorelle’s blog. It will come in handy.

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Good Related Posts Code For Blogger

related posts
handy script

I recently changed my theme template for blogger again. They have a vanilla one that is much like the one ported from Elegantthemes that I was using. I had changed the theme on my garden website, so I no longer needed something that related as closely. Still, I should brand it to relate to the whole “Ilona’s Garden” group of sites. Something else for the to-do list.

But -as usual- when I pressed the save button to change the template, I also had forgotten my customized add-ons. Using the related post’s scripts and the collapsible scripts means they should be added manually -before saving! Duh.

What You Really Want To Read About

Anyway, the original post with both the code and directions for installing it are on the post, “Related Posts Widget”.

Now everything works again (still have to get the analytics and the collapsible code in place). One day I will remember to do all the fine points… I change themes and templates enough that it should be second nature by now.

Anyway, I love this code, it is so much better than the LinkIn one that I used before. I don’t like the way it takes over your keyword and has the link to distract people from what you hope they will do …read more of your posts!

See it in action

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Add A Special Character

Sometimes you want to write something and use a character that isn’t on the keyboard – there are alt formulas, but I found they don’t always give the desired result. So sometimes I need a chart to refer to. My favorite one disappeared from the net, so I had to go looking and found this good resource:
ok- so now it is easier to just list them here!

¢ – cent
£ – pound
¤ – currency
¥ – yen
€ – euro sign
§ – section
© – copyright
® – registered trademark
™ – trademark
° – degree – e.g. 45°
¹ – superscript 1
² – superscript 2
³ – superscript 3
· – middle dot
¸ – spacing cedilla
¼ – fraction 1/4
½ – fraction 1/2
¾ – fraction 3/4
¿ – inverted question mark
× – multiplication
÷ – division
• – bullet = black small circle
◊ – lozenge
℠ – Service Mark
℃ – Celsius
℅ – care of
℉ – Farenheit
№ – numero symbol – number sign
℗ – Sound Recording Copyright
℞ – Prescription Take pharmaceutical symbol
Ω – Ohm
℧ – Inverted Ohm
☀ – sunshine – sun
☁ – cloudy – cloud – dark cloud
☂ – raining – rain – umbrella
☃ – snow – snowman
☄ – shooting star
★ – star solid
☆ – star outline
☇ – lightning
☈ – thunderstorm
☉ – sun
☊ – ascending node
☋ – descending node
☌ – conjunction
☍ – opposition
☎ – phone
☏ – phone symbol outline
☐ – check box
☑ – check box check mark
☒ – ballot box with X
☓ – St. Andrew’s Cross
☚ – left-pointing index finger
☛ – right-pointing index finger
☜ – left-pointing index finger
☝ – upwards pointing index finger
☞ – right pointing index finger
☟ – downwards pointing index finger
☠ – skull & crossbones
☡ – caution sign
☢ – radioactive sign
☣ – biohazard sign
☮ – peace sign
☯ – yin & yang
☹ – frowning face
☺ – smiley face
☻ – black smiley face

☽ – waxing crescent moon
☾ – waning crescent moon
♈ – Aries
♉ – Taurus
♊ – Gemini
♋ – Cancer
♌ – Leo
♍ – Virgo
♎ – Libra
♏ – Scorpio
♐ – Sagitarius
♑ – Capricorn
♒ – Aquarius
♓ – Pisces
♔ – White King
♕ – White Queen
♖ – White Rook
♗ – White Bishop
♘ – White Knight
♙ – White Pawn
♚ – Black King
♛ – Black Queen
♜ – Black Rook
♝ – Black Bishop
♞ – Black Knight
♟ – Black Pawn
♠ – black spade suit
♢ – red diamond suit
♣ – black club suit = shamrock
♤ – red spade suit
♥ – black heart suit = valentine
♦ – black diamond suit
♧ – red club suit
♨ – hot springs
♩ – musical quarter note
♪ – musical eighth note
♫ – musical single bar note
♬ – musical double bar note
♭ – flat note
♮ – natural note
♯ – sharp note
✁ – cut above
✂ – cut here
✃ – cut below
✄ – scissors
✆ – public pay phone
✇ – film reel – tape spool
✈ – airport jet airplane
✉ – envelope mail email
✌ – victory sign
✍ – signature – sign here
✎ – pencil diagonal down
✏ – pencil
✐ – pencil diagonal up
✓ – check mark
✔ – heavy check mark
✕ – multiplication sign X
✖ – heavy multiplication sign X
✗ – ballot X
✘ – heavy ballot X
✝ – Latin Roman Cross
✞ – Latin Cross 3D shadow
✟ – Latin Cross outline
✠ – Maltese Cross
✡ – Star of David
❛ – quotation mark single turned comma
❜ – quotation mark single comma
❝ – quotation mark double turned comma
❞ – quotation mark double comma

I used it to find the checkmark I wanted to denote that I had finished a job on the to-do list on my Garden File blog. ✔ just copy and paste!

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