Posting For Pennies

laptop ladyIf money were the only reason I write online, in my blogs and communities, then pennies is the payout and I wouldn’t consider it worth the time. But if writing is more than earning a paycheck, then my success has made me wealthy.

It all depends on how we value our time, effort, and results.

I’ve been attempting to build an online business, and part of a business is producing something, while the other part is its ability to provide income.

While I started out writing and creating websites just for the excitement of it (and watching the site statistics!), the reward of feedback in reader commentary became an important part of the reason to write. At that time it was reward enough for me.

As the internet became bigger it became important to put some of my writing into its own hosted domain. That cost money. Thus was born my initial attempts at monetization with much trepidation. In fact, I was so timid about adding Google ads and Amazon associate links that I made almost zero every month. And only a penny or two usually on other months. That went on a long time, long enough that I wondered whether online earnings might be an Urban Legend.

While taking advice from this post, use it mainly for information purpose only. The “content farm” writing sites have changed so much in recent times that this information is outdated.

I finally earned something

After I did start getting some small results, it just seemed that the boat had passed me by, and I did miss out on the early days when some savvy entrepreneurs were turning their websites into businesses. Today, though, I see that with lots of hard work, it is possible to build your income with writing online.

I’m not successful enough to parlay expertise into training and tutorials, but I can share how some endeavors are working for me.


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New Directions and Online Time

I’ve started in some new directions with my writing and webpage work, it is requiring lots of time to acquire the knowledge and do the work. That is the number one lesson for those who want to build a career in an online business: it takes work, time to learn, and time to show results. Patience and grit are two very good qualities to cultivate.

OK, what new directions exactly?
One of the main ones is Squidoo, and I will be writing more about that in this blog, the other -which seems to ride sidecar in about every online endeavor I know – is marketing. So posts here will have sections on Squidoo and on marketing.

I’ve had one online guru tell me essentially that Squidoo is not a good use of my time and effort. I respect that person immensely, but I am willing to follow what I think is a good direction for me at this time in spite of that advice.
The cons cited:
Squidoo is “home to more spam than you can believe”.

“don’t do stuff that lends itself to that kind of associated company. There’s very little upside when Google bans or downgrades your stuff because of the rest of the content in there.”

As I have been digging further into Squidoo’s forums and related blogs I know that is a concern in their community and one that they are attempting to address. It is unclear how effective those steps are or will be…. they are fairly new and vastly stepped up due to Google’s “Panda” algorithm, which has rearranged how search traffic is directed towards some of the big “site farms”, places which have loads of people making their webpages, like Hubpages and Squidoo, etc.

Why is all this important? On two counts. If you write online in a blog or have a website, you want that sight to have eyeballs to read and interact with it. If you want to make money online you have to be seen, be known (branding), and be trusted along with knowledge of marketing. It takes a specialized type of knowledge and effort, lots of effort, for both. this site can help provide the first part…. the second part is totally up to you (but you can be encouraged and supported in the endeavor!)

That is it for now, friends. Next up I will start writing about the Squidoo experience.

Expect to see ( then linked here)

  • What Is Squidoo
  • How to Build Lenses
  • Marketing and Moneymaking on Squidoo
  • What I’m Doing on Squidoo

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