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Suno Hawaiian Ice in Atlanta
Suno Hawaiian Ice in Atlanta

Want to be happy? If you ever visit Atlanta, Ga. be sure to make time for Hawaiian ice in this little corner ice cream shop. They have a facebook page, if you want to know more about the details, including locations.

…but let me tell you about this stuff, it isn’t the “Hawaiian ice” you are used to in most part of the continental US. It is shaved ice that is really smooth and of as fine a texture as the finest grained snow, with a bit of milky creaminess. Then there is a complete set of toppings, including fruits and green tea ice cream, if you want it.

Mmmmm, always makes me feel in a better mood, maybe because it reminds me of Maui. but it might just be the taste experience itself.

On Maui, the only difference is that you can order a coconut cream for the topping, but Suno’s might be superior on every other count! I feel better in this Midwest heat wave, just remembering how the giant bowl of soft fluffy ice and fresh fruit toppings gave refreshment on that super hot Atlanta day….