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There are so few places where one experience true quiet. For deep meditation, that which helps settle and heal the mind, quiet brings a clean slate on which to layer thoughts.

Not the usual thoughts which clutter our minds:

  • to-do lists
  • clamoring ads
  • chaotic news items
  • inner criticism and disappointments

… all those things that vie for attention whenever we feel overwhelmed or if trying to disconnect from the everyday stimuli. Those sounds and demands intruding into our efforts to sleep, to make decisions, to stay present.

Quiet brings an empty space, at first. A place to register calm and a sense of our core. Pushing away inner sounds that we wish to edit, while welcoming a focus on thoughts we wish to build upon.

Deep woods for deep meditation

Nature as Background and Focus

Large natural spaces like a deep woods or an empty beach are condusive to meditation practice. Their background feeling, light, smells, all calm and lead the mind to give up the jostling and dominating influences that meditation is meant to moderate.

The focus points within nature also guides our hearts to consider matters of interest, wisdom, and ideas outside the loops of daily life. This aids in a transcendent overview which lifts undue worry and the burdens of false guilt. Flashes of understanding may come, or simply the healing that comes from amused view of the animal or insect world.

Nature can have both that focus and background.

Importance of Finding Natural Spaces

Such places have a breadth and power that helps correct the small views that modern urban lives miss. We need the majesty of trees, the pounding of ocean waves, the whispering of wind, the power of mountain peaks. We need it to, at times, surround us. To experience the bigness of it all.

To view something that is quite outside of our work, and the sense of our control; this experience adjusts the warp that we develop in either our sense of failures or success. We begin to understand and embrace that rest and quiet is not just a temporary cessation or blocking of our efforts, but a necessary and integral part of all existence.

Meditation Becomes Part of Us

Once such times are given a place in healthy living experience, like exercise, or nutritious eating, it becomes a part of what gives us pleasure. We can think of it as important as breathing deeply, or getting a good night’s sleep. It becomes part of us in more ways than those habits may be, because we connect with something more than ourselves and outside ourselves.

If our meditations reach out to God, we engage in a communion that brings us into connection that vitalises us throughout our entire being.

Psalms 77:12 NIV – “I will consider all your works and meditate on all your mighty deeds.”