Grandma’s House

Sheets snapping in the wind
The smell of the garden
A wheelbarrow and rake

Apple pies in open windows
A board game set up on the kitchen table
A fresh bowl of fruit

The aroma of a home-cooked meal
Made with grace and love
Warm hugs, teary-eyed smiles

A well-worn Bible
A wooden chest of old clothes
Stories from the past

Photo albums
Family pictures on the mantel
The old Dodge Dart

Memories that are priceless
Memories made at Grandma’s house

–Written by Brenda Hicks

A bowl of fruit can be many things: a simple container filled with fruits to eat, or a metaphor for all the richness of daily life, or even the fullness of gratitude within ones heart. What do you fill your life with? What bowls of fruit are upon your table, and in the reach of those you love? What beauty and richness can you distill into your life today?

Something small, something daily, but something that gives the eye beauty, the smell fragrance, the taste sweetness.

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