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It Comes To Me

It comes to me not as a crashing wave
that claims my breath, nor with the rocket-flare
of fireworks or the force of a zephyr’s wind….

It comes not in heart-stopping moments
of revelation, nor in the ‘life flashing before me’
tradition of books and movies…

Instead, it comes in the whisper
of morning’s breeze, or the smell
of fresh baked bread…the glimpse
of a shooting star and a child’s laughter.

It comes with the touch of a loved one’s hand
or the taste of snow cones on a hot summer day,
and in the sigh of each sunrise and sunset.

Sometimes it comes for no reason at all
but it does come…

It is the joy of simply being, of finding comfort
in life’s small things and feeling peace
within myself knowing
I have laughed and cried,
feared and sought strength,
lost hope and gained faith,
felt loss and touched dreams,
but most of all…
I have lived and I have loved.

And then it comes to me….
how very lucky I have been.
and how thankful I should be.

By Myrna D.