I have been a dilettante most of my life, sort of a “Jack of all trades and master of none”. Except for a few notable exceptions: gardening and blogging have become areas I am well versed in because of my enduring passions for them.Having been a Christian since 1973, I also have paid attention to theology and spiritual learning. And am perennially a student of self-help topics!

There are a few areas of mastery for me… mainly in Central Ohio gardening.

In the past 12 20+ years I have done a great deal of experimentation and self-taught learning in creating websites, and blogs, participating in social media such as lists, forums, facebook, and twitter.

I have some working knowledge of how that works, and being a one woman show meant mastering a certain amount of html, css, blog platforms, marketing strategies, creating graphics, etc. There is a lot that goes into making a website or blog. The good news is that many of the programs and platforms make it easy and take out the work – unless, like me, you are bent on customizing things. I don’t complicate things near as much as I used to.

The Reflecting Pool reflects my activities, interests, with the knowledge and wisdom gained. I try to condense and pass it on to others.
Seeing something worthwhile or learning how to master online marketing or earnings, I wish to let others know those tips. If I find something beautiful or moving… that might become a topic, as well.

This is where my online writing and webmastery began. I hope you enjoy the pages here, the topics are coming full circle in talking more about family and holidays. But the new directions of turning the blogging into a business continues, too.

Don’t be surprised when some of the spiritual topics surface at some point. I think life is all interconnected.

None of this be complete without input from you, the reader. So please comment freely with your opinions and tips. I welcome you.