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Since I originally wrote this post, Pinterest has really taken off astronomically. I was simply noting its beginning rise inpopularity and use. Most sharing plugins now include the Pinterest button and there really isn’t a need to have a separate button and more code to clog your site.

I’ve used Pinterest for awhile and notice it is really taking off. It is a great way to collect a visual set of bookmarks. Like a cross between delicious, twitter, and tumblr is how I would describe it.

Anyway, you might already know about it, but one feature that is a little harder to track down is how best to add a “pinit” button to your website. On the Pinterest site is the direction to add a bookmarklet ( recommended if you have joined Pinterest), or having a separate button for each post, but if you want a whole site application for having a a button that works like the bookmarklet you need something a bit different.

Page on Pinterest for creating buttons, ‘Pinterest Goodies‘.

My own solution was found on
Pinterest button for WordPress
She also has a post for those on Blogger, Pinterest button for Blogger.

Another post on the topic is found at Clickinmoms. The instructions are a bit more complex, but you might be up for the task 🙂

I have noticed an increase in traffic that comes from Pinterest- small, but then I don’t actively use my Pinterest account with any regular use.That may very well change!

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