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I just finished giving my artist daughter some advice about Zazzle. As it kept building into almost a “mini-course”, I thought maybe it would be a good idea to write some of that advice down in one place.

Start Here to Learn Success Tips For Zazzle

So much has changed at Zazzle that it is time to make some additions to this page. Thankfully just about everything written previously is still helpful. June 16,2024

Presently, one of the most important things to change is how important self marketing has become. Not just utilizing social media, but making graphics for your products (called “cover photos”) and collections. Collections themselves have risen in importance when it comes to gaining visibility for your designed products.

Canva app is really helpful in doing this, but it is no longer free to use. Youtube tutorials will really help you learn many Zazzle success tips.

For personalizations such as customer’s photos, learn to use the masking feature. More about that feature on the Community forum, here. You may have to be signed in to view the forum posts.

Start with this Post

This post has been UPDATED on Jan. 12, 2018.

Zazzle has much improved their setup. The design tools are quite robust and I rarely have any troubles with “hang-ups” or freezing, now. The auto-save features on the site are reliable.

The questions started with… What can I do about my created product “hanging up” when I try to post it for sale?

To this, and other difficulties like it, the answer is save your design and write down the title, description, and tags in a text file to copy-paste. Once saved, the design will show up in your “saved file” and you can usually proceed without a problem. The short answer is that sometimes the javascripts get jammed. It might be your browser, Zazzle’s site, or a slow internet connection. Who knows? Just save wherever the hangup is, and then go from there.

This happens to me most often when I am trying to post for sale. That is why I use a text file to keep from losing the description and tags. It is useful as a temporary file for making more products with that same design. Copy and paste the description and tags saves time and typing, while tweaking them for individuality makes them a bit unique.

Designer Editor Improvements

There are a huge number of improvements to the Design Editor.

  • Select images and text in a design you’ve made, look for the “edit” dropdown, and chose “copy”; then paste the creation onto another surface, even a whole new product design.
  • “Filters” can change colors of an image into several types of styles; “Patterns” create a number of repeat styles.
  • Many fonts are available, once text is typed the spacing can be tweaked via the “AV” dropdown.  A few text warps are available: arc, inverted arc, vertical.
  • Infinite color choices for background and for text.
  • It is now possible to mask photos/images
  • The crop and selection functions are quite robust.
  • Select layers to adjust.
  • More…..


I used a filter setting to make the background look more like I wanted. On the reverse side of the design I used the arc and the character spacing tweaks for some of the text.

Making Multiple Products with a Design
You can still “Quick Create” (not sure in 2024), but it is no longer recommended, and takes a long time to “post”. With the copy and paste powers of whole designs including their text and settings, it is easy to make multiple products with your favorite creation.

An update is the ability to transfer a design to new products. Just be sure that you modify it if needed to properly fit the product and its dimensions.

Keep Track of Colors via HexFiles

My next suggestion is to keep a copy-paste file of color [su_tooltip style=”yellow” position=”top” shadow=”no” rounded=”no” size=”default” title=”What is a hex code?” content=”Number and letter codes used for specific colors” behavior=”hover” close=”no”]hex file codes[/su_tooltip] for certain designs along with description and tag words so that when making more products from that design these are accessible. Call it “Zazzlecode” or something similar.

My Best Choices for Hex Color Codes

The Zazzle color chooser itself gives you the hex codes for the color you have chosen- write it down to use again ( that source file, you are keeping).

Want to know the trendiest Pantone colors? This w3schools site is a great resource.

Or go directly to the Pantone site, but to the insider area where you type in a color name and the info (including hex number) comes up on its own page.

Pantone Color Finder

SEO Is Important for Zazzle Sales

The next bit of advice is how important it is to use some basic SEO, since an artist has to do her own marketing. Use descriptive relevant terms when titling both the design and product, when writing the descriptions, and especially when choosing tag words and phrases.

If you don’t know very much about SEO, there are scads of articles and sites online which explain this to bloggers. Artists can use that same information when working to get Google to find their products, too. Here are the Zazzle success tips to help with that.

  • Zazzle prefers that you use around 10 important keywords, although you can use more.
  • Describe your design in terms you think people will search for.
  • Don’t inflate with irrelevant terms, there is a No-Spam policy in place.
  • Use places for text that can help your SEO, like descriptions and titles for images, as well as design descriptions and tags. Collections also have tags and descriptions.

Right up there with SEO is making your own product images. Information on important topics for creating and selling in their official handbook.


These are ways to curate your designs, introducing less popular ones, and help to organize your site. They are useful for social media sharing, so learn how to make them (quite easy), then display in your store. It’s been recommended to have your collections near the top.

The entire concept and creation of Collections has re-vamped! To gain greater insights and guidance into this vital part of a designers toolbox, view this video:

Example of My New Puppy Love Collection

This is also a ways to share more of your designs to potential customers. They get to see more of your work than trying to spend time in your stores (which is awkward and time consuming for most people).

The New Title

Duplicates are a problem in SEO results, so while it used to be okay to have multiple products that use a design titled and described all the same, this is now a problem. Customize the written labels and descriptions for each product.

Zazzle Success Tips forViews

Products views are important. Even your own view of one of your designed products counts, but if you have created something that no one views over a certain length of time, it gets hidden from the general marketplace.

So include your creations in the collections, share them, and go to their pages if necessary, to increase the possibility of sales.

That sums up the latest of gleaned tips for gaining a foothold in Zazzle success. If you have tips add them, please.