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Not 1001 different costumes, but a range of them plucked from the stories of the 1001 Arabian Nights. Those timeless adventures of Sinbad, Aladdin, and told by the clever Sheherazade. Travel on this magic carpet ride that imagines there is a rock band that decides to bring and Arabian fantasy to the stage, you are part of the band! Which part do you play? Which costume brings out your inner Rock Star?

Need a group plan for great Halloween costumes? Consider boy band meets the Arabian Nights and don’t forget Scheherazade makes her debut here, too! Great outfits and makeup tutorials.

Borrow the Johnny Depp look

Borrow the Johnny Depp look

Dress Up As Aladdin, A Sultan, Or Princess Jasmine For Halloween

When outfitting four members of a group (like a sixties era rock group), each has different desires for their showy, yet easy to complete, outfits.

…You might need something along the lines of a thousand and one fantasy stories to create looks to make everyone happy.

A Girl in the Group? Scheherazade!

Arabian Princess Scheherazade look or a troup of backup dancers, the Middle Eastern Harem yields a bevy of outfit designs and colors.

What about those Guys?

The spooky one and the clown both ought to express themselves.

Sounds like we need to get the old Genie out of the bottle and find out what’s available for some all-out fabulous costumes. Plenty of good ready-made costumes are available online. However, if you want to make your own, there are easy patterns to create everything from Turbans to Turkish shoes.

I have ideas for putting together a rockin’ look right here.

Open Sesame– chock full of costume inspirations for a Rockstar Halloween event.

Make a Rockstar Entrance

DIY Arabian Costume

Johnny Depp has a signature look for his role of “Captain Jack Sparrow”, which is similar to the look of Aladdin and other Arabian Nights heroes.

The Easy, Laidback, Handsome Aladdin Look

A Renaissance-style shirt is perfect. Loose, but still swashbuckling… in fact, borrow some of the “Jack Sparrow” look, minus the three corner hat. Loose Arabic look pantaloons, and slippers instead of leather boots.

Now you have a look worthy of the Arabian Nights Aladdin.

Johnny Depp will not be happy with this comparison, I know… but stay with me. The shirt, the vest, and the sash will all work and look dashing as well. You need a little more head wrap for the turban, and a single circle clip-on earring to make it look Arabian and not Caribbean Pirate.
How to wrap a turban.

Muslim Shoe Pattern

Pointed shoe pattern
Pointed shoe pattern

Costume Patterns and Tutorials – Aladdin Breeches, and other costume ideas

Sew Your Own Arabian Nights Outfit

  • Sew an Aladdin Hero Shirt
    Pattern and directions for the hero’s loose shirt.
  • Make Breeches
    Pattern and sewing instructions fro making your own pants for any of these men’s costumes. Use it for Medieval, Middle Eastern, or Pirate looks.

Acting Inspiration

Johnny Depp or Johnny Carson? Keith Richards or Rudolf Valentino. There has to be some way to get into the act and create a memorable character for the party.

Basic Arab Party Costume

Cuterole Adult Men's Halloween Aladdin Costume Fancy Party Cosplay Costume
Cuterole Adult Men’s Halloween Aladdin Costume Fancy Party Cosplay Costume

Start out with this basic outfit, then add the necessary turban,earring, or props to complete the part you will play this Halloween.

The Wild and Crazy Sinbad the Sailor

Are you the wild and crazy guy of the group? Adventurous? Flamboyant and restless? You are Sinbad.

Make A Sinbad Outfit

  • Get the turned up shoes,
  • The vest that reveals the tattoo on your chest (doesn’t need to be real- use henna, but you might have one of your own, who knows?)
  • Huge sash- because you are that swash buckling.

The Handsome Sheik – Swap in the Turban for Sinbad

Handsome Sheik is competition to any Rudolf Valentino. Romantic and dashing look, yet comfortable basic costuming that lends itself to dressing up in a myriad of ways. Great look for Big Men.

The Scary Gjinn/Evil Sultan

Keith Richards Inspiration

Keith Richards defines wild and crazy

He has to have one earring- that is a given.So if not a pierced one, find a large gold hoop to clip on one ear.

A great big curled up black mustache- every scary guy needs a mustache. A muscle shirt and some tattoos, but with an armband of metal so he doesn’t simply look like a motorcycle guy from the sixties.

Pop an easy-to-make vest over the shirt, too. No scary Gjinn guy wears a pastel vest, especially if it is decorated with glitter… so make it black, or leather or both if you can’t stomach the light, bright colors.

A turban would fix that problem too- and it isn’t too expensive.

You might go for the “Gjinn” look (just another word for ‘Genie’). Shave your head and put temporary small tattoos like the genie in the movie. Remember the earrings… but try not to look like Mr. Clean. Use a temporary goatee.

Loftus Adult Arabian Prince With Feather Costume Hat, Gold, One Size

The perfect Aladdin accessory, the profile of an Arabian prince.

Clown It Up with Carnac the Magnificent Costume

There has to be a clown in every group. The 1001 Arabian Nights has to have one, so consider the Snake Charmer costume. Oversize turban and a sense of fun is mandatory. No head banging, though.

Snake Charmer Costume - Standard - Chest Size up to 42

Remember Johnny Carson’s hilarious “Carnac the Magnificent” ? Give repeat performances with this great ( literally!) turban and Arabian outfit.

Forum Novelties Snake Charmer Costume, Blue/Purple, One Size

The Charmer Who Plays The Blues


Grant their wish and show up in this Genie costume. Don’t forget to add the earring that all genies seem to have!

Here Is The Look For Aladdin – He is the Paul McCartney of the Band

Rubie's Costume Sultan Complete Value Adult Costume, Black/Red, One Size
Rubie’s Costume Sultan Complete Value Adult Costume, Black/Red, One Size

The Heart Throb, Aladdin is the good guy that sings lead, the front man of the group.

A Necessary Prop

Pirate Cutlass

A prop like this scimitar make all the difference in a costume, a theatrical secret. When trying to portray a certain character give some clues, in this case the sword, or maybe a “genie” lamp.

Theatre Idea For Aladdin

  • Costume Designs – Aladdin
    Sketch of a costume by Colin MacNeil for Aladdin and his wonderful lamp, by Miles Rudge. Citizens Theatre, Glasgow,

Magic Genie Shoes

Many costumes can have interchangeable elements- it just is a matter of putting it all together and accessorizing the right way. Change a hat and choose pointed slipper footwear, instead of boots… the pirate becomes Aladdin.

Gold Genie Shoes
Gold Genie Shoes

Instant Genie, just slip on these golden pointed slippers.

Truly a fun part of the outfit. Of course, you could make your own, but these will quickly finish the look with a glint of gold.

Johnny Depp Makeup Look

It is well known that Depp based much of his ‘Jack Sparrow’ on the idiosyncratic Keith Richards. Richards who played Sparrow’s father in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End’ might have more of the dark ‘Scary Gjinn’ look.

Here are Arabian looks for the guys. Jack Sparrow look is the closest I could come to ‘Arabian’ and the guy is just plain entertaining:) Johnny Depp was actually inspired by the Arabian Berber look! Who knew?

Evil Sultan – Classic Arabian Nights Figure

Keyboard Player

-But watch those sharps

Get a sword prop, but don’t really hurt anyone, OK? Become a dashing warrior from Lawrence of Arabia fame to be the coolest of the Desert revolution band. People who use music to make a revolution change the tune, dress up to make a statement. Give the Keyboard player a solo act and see.

Adult-Costume Sultan Adult Costume Halloween Costume - Most Adults
Adult-Costume Sultan Adult Costume Halloween Costume – Most Adults

Headpiece, under-robe and robe are included, you will have to supply your own saber. One size fits most people.

Sail Away On Arabian Tales Of Adventure

Vintage poster

Vintage poster

A Wise Choice – For an Arabian Nights Look

Not for Halloween only, some of these Sultan costumes can double for dressing up as wisemen for the Christmas play!

Forum Novelties Royal Sultan Costume, Black/Gold, One Size
Forum Novelties Royal Sultan Costume, Black/Gold, One Size A complete costume set gives a real fantasy look for any Middle Eastern performance.

Barbara Eden Lookalike

India Genie Ornate Aladdin Lamp Incense Burner
India Genie Ornate Aladdin Lamp Incense Burner

Ornate Aladdin Lamp add authenticity to the look. Where does a genie go when it is time to say “Goodnight?”. And how does Aladdin get places and open sesame without his trusted oil lamp?

Speaking of Dreamy Jeannie Genie

“I Dream of Jeannie” outfit is a stand-in for Scheherazade.

If you take your costuming seriously- you want to visit my articles on Bellydance costuming – they have all the costuming details for the real look.

The Mandatory Background Singers

They are not really “background”

The dancers make the show, and belly dancer or Arabian princess are favorite Halloween looks. I have hubsdevoted to getting the look (or you can buy a quick costume from this page).

Get the harem pants, the vest, and the choli top, but dress everything up with the right jewelry, and accessories and you have a dynamite look.

Scheherazade – The Muse

There would be no show without Scheherazade

Being the master storyteller who creates the whole scene, Scheherazade is happy to ignite imaginations for a fantastic costume party event.

Bellydancer, Jasmine, Any Female Arabic Costume

An eye makeup tutorial for parties or stage, for eyes that will complete the look and captivate your audience.

Scheherazade Eyes

Choose Your Arabian Nights Makeup – Mysterious Eyes

The Arabian eye make up look for women….

Go to Magnetic Arabic Eyes, for Women’s eye makeup tutorials, after you choose your costume.

Coordinate your colors.

Dreamy Genie Adult Costume
Dreamy Genie Adult Costume

All Dressed Up and Ready To Party

The story of the 1001 Arabian Nights takes place in the court of a Persian King. Gone mad with bitter jealousy he kills each new wife on the day following their consummation. Scheherazade, the newest bride, engages the Sultan’s fascination with her storytelling which ends with a cliffhanger ending… to be continued the next night… The collection of stories changed over time, and comprised of folk tales, with elements of poems, riddles, songs and more. Today we are familiar with such stories as “Aladdin’s Wonderful Lamp”, “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” and “The Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor”.

Get Inspiration – 1001 Arabian Nights In Action

The Arabian Nights movie from 2000 can inspire your costuming. Take a look. Or read about the original tales of the 1001 Arabian Nights.

Also, check out Johnny Carson’s Carnac for some laughs.

  • Tales of the Arabian Nights Inspires Art
    The romances of the East woven together over time have enthralled generations. Here is a glimpse into the story about the stories and some of the art they have inspired.

Watch The Arabian Nights For Inspiration