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I wasn’t originally planning on making this design. It was just a day of finally getting around to using some elements that I had bought as a bundle, complete with full licensing to use on my own products.

I painted and arranged, and then the fact that being a “Mom Who Prays” inspired me to make this t-shirt. I’m going to order one for myself because I really find it inspiring and encouraging.

One thing I am… a prayer warrior. I didn’t plan on that, either. But God has plans for us that work out over time, and the best thing about becoming an intercessor is that you start to get to know your God. You become friends with your Savior and Lord.

The back design was one of the rhema moments: a banner… “His banner over me is love”! So of course I had to add the word love to the banner and it hovers over “prayer warrior”- me!

I love when that happens.

The scripture is a well known one to all who believe in the power of prayer:

1 John 5:14


Anyway, I am super happy about how the design came out, it was fun to do, and I believe it will be an encouraging, enjoyed shirt for other praying women as well.

What is most satisfying about this design, aside from the message, is the subtle watercolor look and washed colors. Sage green (another meaningful play on words), aqua blue (water is full of symbolism in this context), and coral pink create the kind of feeling that I often experience in prayer times.

It is calm.




The hand painted look is not just something I am drawn to (can’t get away from puns and word play!), it is something that joins with the intent of being a person engaged in the act of creating from my heart.

Letting the Lord inspire our desires and prayers, and returning them to Him to more fully experience His love over us.

It is just a simple tshirt, but somehow it turned into kind of a devotional inspiration for me.

Funny how that happens sometimes. But wonderful and refreshing!