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While June is the traditional Wedding month, every season has its advantages. Fall, or Autumn, has harvests, rich warm colors, abundant apples, chrysanthemums and pumpkins. A beautiful time for a wedding, and bountiful choices in wedding stationary to go with all that wealth of theme decor resources.

Autumn comes with a bountiful set of assets:

  • The weather is often ideal with moderate temperatures and many days to count on clear skies.
  • It is a colorful time of year with leaves changing, and large brightly colored fruits and flowers.
  • People love to decorate for this season, so there is a wealth of beautiful and fun decor to be had in most stores. And if that were not enough, this is the time when crafts are plentiful both to make and purchase from artisans.
  • Foods for fall are some the most loved and popular, making menus a delight to put together.

Autumn Wedding Stationary Selections

Boho design of dried florals. Palm and pampas encircle a square shaped card. Neutrals with a rusty brown emphasis with a…
Deep Emerald Green contrasting with Ivory white and accented with gold brings an elegant mode to any wedding, but is esp…

Fall Colors for Weddings

The traditional and the trendy, both can combine your personal favorite hues. While this season used to be known for highly saturated color, in recent years fall can borrow the more subtle tones of November. October crimson leaves and pumpkin oranges might be subdued to white pumpkins, dried grasses, and rustic browns.

Even if your chosen color theme is unusual for the season, it can be given its ties to Autumn through a creative blend of themes. Love dusty blue? Wildflowers of September often are blue in hue. Abundant blue and white asters come to mind.

Emerald green is easy to pair with other tones that echo the Autumn season. Emerald and gold with cream white is elegant and could match up with any floral such as roses or go rustic with gourds.

On the whole, the colors tend to be deep and rich for this time of year. Burgundy, navy blue and gold are a gorgeous combination. Adding the metal gold to any color scheme gives instant elegance and class.

  • Muted Orange
  • Deep Burgundy
  • Moody Darks
  • Sage Green
  • Golden Yellow
  • Varied Wildflowers
2024 Sunset Wedding Color Palette

Trending Wedding Themes

  • Autumn Leaves
  • Harvest
  • Muted Orange, Burnt Orange, Terra Cotta
  • Boho Pampas Grass, Earthy Palms
  • Romantic Purples Floral
  • Rustic Woodland
  • Wildflower Boho
  • Lanterns
  • Vintage Victorian Amber and Red
  • Luxe Metallics – Gold or Copper
  • Black and Gothic
  • Country Chic
Sage, Terra cotta, Marsala with burnished leather

Fall Reception D├ęcor

Harvest themes and pumpkins are everywhere this time of year, but your fall wedding doesn’t always have to center around orange (unless you love it- and it is trendy, now). Even when paying tribute to harvest time, gourds and pumpkins come in a variety of elegant colors- from white and beige to yellow and deep emerald green.

However, not everyone wants the pumpkin motif. In recent years the Boho themes with lots of dried flowers and big stems of pampas grass or dried palm fans have been very popular. They are just now coming into their own as one of the top looks in invitations and decorations.

The Boho look is big and bold and is economical as well. It is easy to transport and set up because dried floral material is so much lighter and sturdy than fresh. Besides the ease with which it melds in a rustic , as well as elegant, venue. The colors are basically neutral which can be matched with almost any color for accent.

For flowers, though, the fresh choices for Autumn are rich and abundant. Roses, gorgeous chrysanthemums, romantic clouds of asters, these are in all the beautiful tones of apricot, gold, bronze, and purples. As well as tender pink, if staying with a blush wedding.

Fall Emerald bridesmaid dress | Verve Event Co.

Because the flowers tend to be strong and full, containers that look like farm baskets, wine casks, Macrame ropes, lanterns, and even hollowed out gourds or pumpkins can be incorporated into the designs.

A favorite theme for this season has to be the leaves. While you could stay with the greenery of other seasons, the amazing hues of fall leaves lead themselves to color themes and bring bold, exciting ways to adorn the venue and the tables. Even accessories can have a leaf motif, if not the leaves, themselves.

Working with a Budget?

Who isn’t? The newest advice from professional wedding planners is to concentrate on “day of” stationary and decor needs. While I, personally, love the look of beautiful invitations printed on luxurious paper, they are an expense that can be dispensed with in our digital age. Instead, be sure the Welcome, programs, table signs, menus, and favors take priority. Their design will also tie together the venue to make the guests feel welcome, and give a well-thought, planned sense to the all important day.