Problogger blog always has useful posts, and that iw why it is a top blog (among a number of other reasons). It has a plethora of guest bloggers and today an exceptionally good post centered around this piece of advice:

If you think blogging is a bed of roses, or if you think everybody will be your friend, then you need to think twice. There are hateful people online hiding under the cloak of anonymity. There are also people who are ready to vent their anger on you as a result of some personal problem they’re facing. The best way to deal with this is to be prepared, and to get ready for the worst at any time.

Read the rest of a very good post,here. I have seen many a fine blogger- most better -by far- than me, go down because of this one point.

Besides life providing me with an exceptional tough skin, I learned to handle such attacks while participating in forums, but I can well remember the sharp attack of a fellow blogger toward my work on TrueGrit, which so disabled my confidence that I never recovered my ability to blog as freely as I once had on that blog.

I still blog, though. I still try to maintain my original goal of contributing something of worth and truth to others via the web.

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