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Three pages of labor and delivery info. Stages of birth, pain management, are two of the subjects covered. A page of information on Doulas and Midwives... you will be glad you looked into it

The remaining pages have helpful ideas on quick and healthy recovery, and some parenting opinions for thought. Hope you enjoy all the pages and have a HEALTHY, contented pregnancy.

Necessary facts about nutrition and some on baby development in the nutrition and facts pages. Maternity clothes style tips on its own page. The links page has all baby links except for the odd miscellaneous few.

About this site:

The recommendations made in these pages, at, are checked for accuracy and supported by up-to-date research. My mission is to deliver objective, reliable and accurate health and lifestyle information to help inform you so that you can make better choices about your pregnancy and delivery, and your health care and lifestyle. The content provided is carefully chosen for its pertinence and relevance to my readers, and is accurate and current. The information provided on this site is intended to support, not replace, the orders and advice of your healthcare professional. It is not intended as specific medical advice and is not a substitute for professional medical treatment or diagnosis. Everyone's health needs are different; please consult your physician with any questions or concerns about your health or that of your family.

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