Become A Garden Writer

Become A Garden Writer

Improve or Begin to Write About Your Garden Experience The world of garden writing is a varied one. Most of us think of it as pure nonfictional writing that covers the how-to of gardening, making a garden, and growing plants, but the best garden writing incorporates...

iPad Owner Adventures In Blogging

I originally bought my iPad to be a simpler way to blog while traveling. So how has that worked out for me? And what might my experiences mean for you? What are the features of an iPad? Small slimline profile means it easily goes into a large purse. It can function as...

Advice For Zazzle Newbies

Advice For Zazzle Newbies

I just finished giving my artist daughter some advice about Zazzle, and as it kept building into almost a "mini-course" I thought maybe it would be a good idea to write some of that advice down in one place. Start Learning Success Tips For Zazzle [button...

Zazzle Success Tips and Pointers

Share Your Best Stuff Now there are "collections, products that you can curate any way you wish. These are shareable ways to make your store more attractive and help customers find related designs. Share with your friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook, G+, and...

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