Where Did I Go On Periscope?

After an initial blitz of Periscope videotaping, I left it except for a few scattered attempts that didn't last very long. Will I return? Maybe. Here is what happened; what I think of Periscope, then and now; and whether and when I will return. First, watch this, a...

Site Themes And Plugins

Site Themes And Plugins

What Do They Do? Why should you care about your website theme or plugins? And I'm not just talking about Wordpress, but those for any platform, including Joomla. At any point when a plugin or a new theme is called for, they all do just one thing: [button link=""...

Can you earn income with Zazzle?

Zazzle Income For Beginners Zazzle is set up to share profits, through royalties and referrals with their members. Whether you can earn income is a mixed bag of answers. Many people do earn well, and it must be stated that they probably work very hard at it. I have...

Beach Scene Art, For A Seascape Afternoon

Beach Scene Art, For A Seascape Afternoon

When gazing on beach scenes of painter’s talent or photographers eye… it is a time when we seem to grow more centered and the happy memories of visits to the shore wash into our minds like soft waves on the coastal sands.

Build Your WordPress Blog: Plugins

Beginning or advanced bloggers who are building their Wordpress site rely on plugins to make their blog do what they want it to. How do you find the best ones and what are the potential problems? Plugins Grow Powerful It used to be that the theme brought special...

Can You Make Money On Hubpages?

My Hubpages Review 2015 The answer to that question is increasingly "no", but until very recently it had been a "yes", and I think it might resume the affirmative.  Right now it depends on how the transition is made as Hubpages continues to try to please Google. For...

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