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Hey there fellow Hubbers! So glad you decided to check out my site. I have a few things that may be of special interest to you, and to former Squids. Besides articles written about my experience on these sites, I have some advice I am garnering for the use of affiliate and POD integrations into building an online business.

That part is newer to me, but blogging is something I have done since 2004 (and creating websites since 1998). I am now sharing the tips and techniques of the ever changing online world. I invite you to discover!

Christmas at my house

I have a newsletter

At this time the newsletter is on hiatus.

My newsletter has been centered around gardening, but I also include helpful apps and sites. I invite you to sign up and receive chatty tidbits from me 🙂

Hubber Topics

  • Color Meaning
  • Home Decor
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Recipes
  • Beauty and Wellness

Website Help

This blog is the new rendition of something I started when first on the web in ’98. It is now in this site, and helps newbies with whatever I found useful for myself. Back then it was a blogroll/ linklist, now resurrected in new articles.

Hub Articles Moved Here

Some of my hubs have moved to this site, along with the posts that I write on beauty (not just the cosmetic kind), women’s interests, etc.

story of the site

Visit My Garden Website

The garden part of the original Ilona’s Reflecting Pool turned out to be the largest, longest running part of my site. I love gardening, and you will get lots of benefit from visiting if you love gardening, too.
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