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wordpress community pluginI have ended my relationship with Buddypress, and am no longer using it on any of my blogs. In this relationship it really was me, and had nothing to do with them.

Buddypress came a long way from when I started with their community plugin. At first, it was a difficult relationship, they made it hard on so many levels, but as time progressed, Buddypress improved everything: the updating, the themes. But in the end, It was me: I really didn’t need a Buddypress site at this time.

I don’t even run a simple forum, which is the very basic of a community type of site. There are so many considerations when trying to build community, and truthfully, Facebook and Twitter have swallowed up most of the time of people who might be interested in the type of community I would have offered. I have pages on Facebook for my garden blogs, Zazzle efforts, etc. and all this social media has become a little redundant, not just for me, but for most of us, I think.

I would have loved to have developed the range of interactions that this plugin offered, but my fanbase was too small and my blogging efforts too spread out. If you have a focused idea and can consolidate your efforts around one site, this plugin might be what you need… but I had to put it on the chopping block.

I’ll think of you fondly, Buddypress.