When I was a little girl candles were an important part of my Christmas celebration. We had a special angel chimes with little candles that fascinated me, the advent wreath with one candle for each Sunday before Christmas, and the Christmas Eve candle light service.

With all the public safety regulations the Christmas Eve midnight service has seemed to have gone to the wayside. I very much miss those. The dark wood pews, the choir in their robes, the Christmas carols sung to the background of the organ, and the little finger length candles with their stiff white paper cuffs, created a quiet Presbyterian celebration of Christmas. My mother took us every year, if memory serves.

My own family creates its own candlelit service. We now have so many candles lit on our advent log that we need no electrical light to see our printed carols. With guitar or a cappella we sing the chosen carols and read the scripture passages of Christmas.

And everywhere around the world where Christmas is celebrated, a little light shines in the dark. I am happy to be a part of that light. Christmas TreesChristmas Gingerbread

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