Holidays and Celebrations

We all need something to celebrate in life. We thrive on rituals, in fact. It is an important way to navigate the important events of our lives, give recognition to people we value and admire, and just give us an excuse to have a good time, generally!

Some Holidays are Familiar Traditions

Some Holidays are Weird and Obscure
Mother’s Day and Thanksgiving may be more familiar in one country than another, Christmas is probably known throughout much of the globe, even if not celebrated equally in all nations. But you may find many of that celebration category on calendars. What about Cow Appreciation Day, or  Flower Day?  Or when is Read to Your Kid Day ? Those might be some of the Oddball Holidays to find out more about.

For Curiosity Sake


Monthly Lists of Holidays

There are holidays, entertaining, customs, poetry, art, and music all involved. All in an effort to bring beauty and ascribe meaning to aspects of what it is to be human.

moon names

Each month’s list of holidays include some of the ancient names for the full moon .

One of the main focal points of Ilona’s Reflecting Pool has always involved pages given to the understanding and celebration of these times of connection. In that spirit, there are collections of poems with appropriate art, inclusion of jokes to lighten the heart, and whatever else will give us inspiration to better celebrate life.

Celebrations I Love

Christmas is the top of my list. In fact, I made an entire site dedicated to its traditions and how I and people around the world observe the joy and peace of this time of year.

Loving Christmas

For many years I wrote daily devotionals for the Advent season in the Advent Blog

Here at the Reflecting Pool, I had snippets of this and that to honor the season:

Traditional Holidays

Some of the traditional Holidays garnered a mention, and while writing at Squidoo (which became Hubpages) I was inspired to look at some odd, perhaps weird types of National and International celebrations.