Motherhood Celebration In Poetry

mother and childSpeak gently! ’tis a little thing
Dropp’d in the heart’s deep well;
The good, the joy, that it may bring
Eternity shall tell.
~G. W. Langford: Speak gently.

A baby’s hands, like rosebuds furled
Whence yet no leaf expands,
Ope if you touch, though close upcurled,
A baby’s hands.
Then, fast as warriors grip their brands
When battle’s bolt is hurled,
They close, clenched hard like tightening bands.
No rosebuds yet by dawn impearled
Match, even in loveliest lands,
The sweetest flowers in all the world-
A baby’s hands.





mother and baby

I am rich today, a baby ran to meet me,
And put her tiny hand within my own
And smiled, her rosy lips a flower,
The light within her eyes, from heaven shone.
And when I crossed the fields the birds were singing,
A golden blossom in my pathway lay,
It wasn’t much; but, oh, the joy there’s in it,
To have a baby smile at you In just that way.
~Marguerite A. Gutschow

Old Mothers

Victorian Lady

I love old mothers–mothers with white hair
And kindly eyes, and lips grown softly sweet,
With murmured blessings over sleeping babes.
There is a something in their quiet grace
That sparks the calm of Sabbath afternoons;
A knowledge in their deep, unfaltering eyes
That far outreaches all philosophy.
Time, with caressing touch about them weaves
The silver-threaded fairy-shawl of age,
While all the echoes of forgotten songs
Seem joined to lend a sweetness to their speech.
Old mothers!–as they pass with slow-timed step,
Their trembling hands cling gently to youth’s strength.
Sweet mothers!–as they pass, one sees again
Old garden walks, old roses, and old loves.

~Charles Sarsfield Ross

mother and babyMost of my children have grown to adulthood and I now know the joy of being a grandparent. One thing that I appreciated on a recent Mother’s Day celebration was a thoughtful gift that came from ‘Red Envelope’. The gift was lovely, and I enjoy wearing the earrings, but it was the surprise of it and the anticipation of opening the beautiful red box with the cream grosgrain ribbon that created such a lovely memory. I still have that box. In fact, it was so pleasant an experience that I became an affiliate for this exceptional company. Try sending something and see what good memories that creates in your family.

baby,handle with care

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