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St. Patrick’s Day is coming up and that reminded me of the upbeat music of the Celts and how much I enjoy it. I enjoy it so much I actually bought a bodhrán some years ago. I just fool with it a little, I don’t really have the particular technique of a loose wrist swishing back and forth that is needed. But I love the sound and listening to Celtic music is just plain fun. Even the more melancholy melodies have an uplifting effect on me.

I tend to like the traditional Scottish or Irish tunes more than something by the Clancy Brothers, so my taste tends towards bands like ‘ Altan’ or albums like Craigie Dhu.

There is something soothing and comforting about the sad songs, and you can’t help wanting to jig a bit to the happy ones. The upcoming day of Shamrocks and “wearin’ of the green” is the perfect opportunity to hear some fine bands and acquaint yourself with some really great music and just plain good times.