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I Changed From A PC Laptop To Mac

Making the Switch from Desktop PC to Mac Pro Laptop

Why Start with a PC?

It was once thought that Microsoft products were best for businesses. Perhaps that is still the opinion of many today. It was the reasoning behind the purchase of our first computer.

Years and years ago when first wanting to use a computer, I desired a Mac computer. But as fate would have it, my husband bought  our first computer for his business. On the advice of one of those computer professionals who set up businesses with a computer and a manual of unintelligible instructions on “what to do” we became the owners of a Desktop PC.

I say “we”, when it was my husband’s business machine. However, we all (me, my husband, and my kids) learned to use the PC, Windows, and various types of computer software on that rather prehistoric computer with dial-up internet connection.

Five Years Later

starting with Macbook

Fast forward about five years and my husband stayed locked into the elementary levels of computer usage (whichmay or may not consist of banging on the keyboard repeatedly in frustration), I journeyed my way to a fair amount of computer literacy, and my sons- well, they are computer professionals today, well respected in their field.

Apple Products, Re-introduced

It was those sons who started using Mac laptops as their main computer of choice, and then several years ago with not a little trepidation, I started using Apple products which were completely unfamiliar territory for me. I did not have an iPod, I did not have an iPhone, I did not collect any money, and I did not pass “Go”. I simply went to an Apple store and bought my Macbook Pro.

And anyone who uses the computer a lot, without having any natural facility for it, knows that that takes a lot of courage. Or foolhardiness. Or both.

Anyway, it appears that I had plenty of both, and a couple years ago I bought my long desired Mac Laptop.

Here is my story of how that’s worked out for me.

Photo of a Macbook,Apple Macbook Pro MJLT2LL/A 15-inch Laptop (2.5 GHz Intel Core i7 Processor, 16GB RAM, 512 GB Hard Drive, Mac OS X) (2015 version)

Macbook Pro –

I decided on the Macbook Pro version of an Apple computer because more than portability I wanted the requisite hardware to run graphic software (which I have not yet purchased for my Mac). But I was thinking ahead, you see.

Now that tablets have taken the technological world by storm, I’m glad I have this for my main computer work, and later I also bought an iPad for traveling.

IPad vs. Pro

On that topic, would I still start out with a fullsize Macbook Pro versus a tablet?

Yes. It depends on your needs. If you need the power to run programs and will essentially replace using a desktop, then a fullsize laptop is the right choice. If you need computing on the go that is easy to carry, then an iPad is more practical. Or like me, you might find both is the right answer.

Are you ready to make the change?

I am glad I made the change from PC’s since I do like this laptop better than the Toshiba Satellite I had as my laptop before. Apple has a better interface and is easier to use in many ways. It is a little challenging to change what you have become used to with a PC.

I still don’t know how to locate things on the inside of the MAC system, but I haven’t needed to (troubleshoot) as much as I did with the PC.

Adding and deleting software is simple. Many cool utilities, Synced with iPhone ( I own one now)

Several Years Later With My Mac Pro – Would I choose it again?

lady at the desk

The Pros Of A Pro

  • I would. No question, I would choose the newest version of my Mac Pro 17 inch laptop. I like the size for working on at home. It works without glitches, and I have gotten the knack of a Mac, so that now I prefer it.
  • I still use my PC desktop, but not as often.
  • The battery life is not as long as I might have hoped, and I usually keep the laptop connected to its cord, but it is longer than anything I was used to with the old Toshiba.
  • The screen and graphics are clear and beautiful.
  • I love the usability of Apple apps and feel. The design of a MAC is outstanding, and that is important when you spend lots of time on a computer. Mostly I prefer the software of the MAC, its utilities, etc.

There was quite a learning curve for me. I don’t think that would be an issue if I hadn’t used PC’s for so long. I had to relearn how to do things I wanted to do.

Overall, it is a good choice and I am happy to have made the switch, even though I can’t say I am fanatical about Apple products, but are most people nowadays?

The Longevity Of PC Laptops Vs Apple

My husband and youngest son were sold on the Acer Tablet, after my husbands friend, an electrical engineer raved on about it. I still have sort of an elitist bias against Acer, I guess, but I’m trying to stay open minded about it. Maybe that will be my next electronic expenditure.

Five years down the pike, I still have my Mac and although it has signs of needing a new battery, it works well for my needs.

The PCs? They had to be replaced.

Reasons To Switch, Mac Or PC?

Still thinking about a PC?

We’ve used Dells, HPs, Acers, and Toshibas in this family. Of the PC brands the Toshiba has been the best in my experience. It was a hand me down from one of my computer professional sons. Lasting through lots of use, it served well and was trouble free until it died the death that all computers seem to come to eventually- but not until lots of years of service had been put in.

Get A Protector, Like The Speck Case

An investment that made me happy.

It was my daughters idea. I had bought her a Mac Pro computer for her new working life after she graduated from college. It was her graduation present from me. She wanted a protective cover in pink and I went ahead a sprung for mine in black.

Of course, that was before I started designing some of the customizable electronic products over at Zazzle. At some point I will buy one for myself from there that I customize… to replace the plain black. But I am very happy with its practicality and worry-free way it keeps the case looking like new. It has a nice feel to it, too.

Find many cases for all sorts of electronics on Zazzle (including your laptop!)

update: Zazzle now offers only sleeves for laptops and only up to 15″. They no longer have Speck brand cases.

Get Some Protection

I was very happy with my Speck case, it lasted in good condition for many years. It became slightly scuffed over time, but overall retained its good looks and more importantly, protected the finish of my laptop.

Mac Accessories – Car travel
Something I use a lot: a car jack adapter for my Mac.

Migrate Your Data From PC To Mac

Things I like about Apple Products

not me
No, not me in the photo

Nothing really new for me to say except to add my opinion to the many. The primary thing I like about Apple, including the Macbook Pro, is that they are designed well. The features fit well, work well, and everything is solid and nicely made. Those things are increasingly important to me, and I think that is what made the Apple company. I hope they keep that aesthetic even though Steve Jobs is not around to helm the company ship.

I like that I can sync together the products, although I don’t understand it very well. but I do know that when I take pictures with my iPhone I can hook it right up and easily transfer everything to my computer. Done and done.

I am thinking of getting an iPad for taking with me when I travel … although my husband is a strong voice for the Acer product ( the money factor weighs heavily for him). I really like my iPhone, after resisting the change form my very old, very basic Nokia for so long. I like the idea that I can use the Sync feature.

So all this means that I made the switch to Mac in more ways than just the laptop, and looking forward to working more efficiently in the future.

Are You A Dummie? – Never fear- we all start out that way. Numerous times.

MacBook Pro Portable Genius
MacBook Pro Portable Genius

Find out about Macbook Pro Portable Genius


Comparisons for Gaming

Summary, Two More Years Down The Road

I use my Mac Pro laptop almost all the time, but in the interim I also replaced my old Dell desktop with another HP “All in One”. Many people are no longer using the larger laptops, but rigging up their other portable devices to do everything a laptop does. I can understand that, since it is cumbersome to lug a laptop around when traveling.

The desktop still is useful for the heavy duty work of a full graphics program like Photoshop, etc. And it is better to sit up straight at the desk than slouch around on the couch when doing long periods of computer work.

When comparing the two, PC and Mac, neither wins out definitively. PC still has more of the programs that I find important , while the Mac still remains more secure from problems like viruses. It is easier to use, especially given the difficulty of the newer Windows OS.

I also like the idea of touchscreens; but again, switching over to new habits has proven to be a hassle, when it was supposed to have been more effective.

I think the best way to decide which machine is best is to know which one fits your work style and software best. And today everyone needs some sort of portable device, but phones are incredibly powerful, an innovation not foreseen (by me, anyway) several years ago when I first purchased my Mac laptop.

Buy the power and memory you need to accomplish your end results for work or gaming.

I went For a Mac the Second Time Around

After giving me almost ten years of service, my Mac Pro laptop was exhibiting problems. There was a choice of refurbishing with a new battery or buying a replacement. I decided to buy a replacement.

The Macbook Pro 2017 is much lighter and very sleek. It no longer has a CD slot and the charger has changed. I’ve been very happy with it and it works very powerfully even with big Adobe graphics programs.

I personally am very, very happy with Apple’s design and quality. My daughter decided she was ready to switch, however. She chose a PC laptop and switched from an iPhone to another kind. She seems equally happy with her choice.

I do believe that the best choice remains in the arena of what works best for you in terms of software and what you use your machine for. For me, blogging and Adobe software makes Apple the ideal choice.

Use a wireless printer

I use a wireless printer so that I can easily print from my desktop and my laptop. My kids can print from their laptops! It makes life easy.
Fujitsu PA03656-B005 Image Scanner ScanSnap iX500computer things

Fujitsu PA03656-B005 Image Scanner ScanSnap iX500

With a wireless, you can print from your laptop, which is a real convenience.

Hardware equipment that goes both ways:

I am not happy when a printer or scanner can only be used by one type of machine, are you? Look for those which can be used by as many of your machines as possible.