Welcome to the 2010 2014 2015,  2016 edition of my site.

The net has greatly changed in a lot of ways over the past few years, but some things remain true about my site:

It is personal, it is written to give you the content of my accumulated experiences.

About this Site

This whole adventure began on Geocities, which then became Yahoo-Geocities, and now that part of the internet is no more, except in the archives of sites which copied all the content. No more free websites on Geocities made the end of an era, you might say. Not that I am complaining because they were very good to me over the years with free and very stable hosting. I made a place for the writing and webmastering I had begun, in this new site.


If you could support my internet activities with Amazon purchases through the access from my pages I would appreciate it -I finally made enough to pay for the domain name here as an affiliate, but this could be supported further with help from visitors to the site. I have handpicked Amazon selections to check out. These are chosen to relate to the topics I center on within these pages.

Each year I have worked hard to renew the site… this year even more intensively. The Garden site, Ilona’s Garden is getting most of the work and attention.

Visit my garden...

Visit my garden…

The Garden Pages took on their own domain for some time now (since 2006) and are thriving. Most of my writing has been garden writing for a number of years.

The Childbirth section remains at it’s same url.

More for you, my dear visitors! I feel badly to have so neglected this site, but I am really tired of the annoying ad styles. .Not that I am complaining because geocities was very good to me over the years with free and very stable hosting.

I think it is great to start out on, but my own domain has been long overdue. myreflectingpool.com -in case you forgot the name. Still in the works, but I am steadily improving it. So update your bookmarks, since I will link the garden site from here, but it has its own domain that you can bookmark, and the Christmas sites are on their own domain. It may be a month or two until everything has checked out.


I have moved Loving Christmas totally to its own domain, lovingchristmas.com. You might say I’ve been very busy working on all this! Yes, you certainly could say that. I’m very excited about the possibilities.

Topics Inside The Reflecting Pool

Find the links to all the original sections of the Reflecting Pool with short page descriptions.

What Has Changed

The Celt page will be given new code, and perhaps the Hungarian pages. The lifelights should take on….New life 🙂 Once I start working on them I have ideas for a new ways to present the wise sayings and humorous tidbits that have made up that part of the old site. This should keep me busy, along with my other blogging.

The Old “Web Help” has returned!!!

Soon after I had jumped full fledged into updating and creating new pages on my website, I had found that there were many others who could benefit from what I had learned … links to the best problem solving pages, or what features I found for a website, or just how to do things online. That was scrapped fairly early on after I started to do more blogging. But now it seems there is a whole new group of people wanting to start out and in need of newbie advice. So, the blog that I have on this site is becoming the NEW Web Help. I haven’t done a lot with it yet, it is that new. But you can look at it, Ilona’s Reflecting Pool- Web Help Check it out.

This Blog Has Posts

Check out the “Recent Jottings“.

The section on woman’s fitness, Body Beautiful, had gotten the most attention when first setting up this new space. It reflects the needs I have in my own life. I hope this part of the site will see more more additional pages. The fitness section was always about a holistic approach to being healthy in mind and body, with a healthy body image, not the popular artificial one. No airbrushing here! Expect the site to get renovated throughout the year.

My blogs are always fresh, so if you want something “today”, check those!

While this site is always evolving, I would say that the gardening part has the largest share of subject matter. It has its own domain: http://www.ilonasgarden.com Ilona’s Garden

The Projects That Grew:

The Loving Christmas site

All-new look for Christmas in Ohio My Old House blog- the D-I-Yourself tales   Squidoo Hubpages projects: Learn to de-stress, Tussy-Mussy, A Visit to Maui.

Everything is gradually being renewed…

in fact, this is to be a whole new site worked on from scratch, although I am not offering free graphics anymore.

Check out the Bible Study area.

Blogging has been my main venture- I think that is the future for all personal website expression.

This website is taking on some of those aspects. it has taken twist and turns, been on hiatus, and now finally given life with direction that will completely transform it. In fact, I plan for this entire entry to the site to completely change.

“We are called to be women. The fact that I am a woman does not make me a different kind of Christian, but the fact that I am a Christian does make me a different kind of woman. For I have accepted God’s idea of me, and my whole life is an offering back to Him of all that I am and all that He wants me to be.” ~Elisabeth Elliot

Posts From The Reflecting Pool Blog

More Hungarian Apple Cakes

Bonus Apple Cake Recipes If you liked my Szegedi Bundt Cake recipe, you might enjoy these traditional apple coffee cakes from Hungarian kitchens, as well. Hungarian Apple Lattice Cake - Like a pie Use a jelly roll pan or a cookie sheet with sides for this recipe. This...

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Hungarian Baking: Apple Filled, Sour Cream Bundt Cake

Cooking, eating, entertaining, having a good time... it's why I collect recipes and share them. Plus I'm half Hungarian, that explains a lot. The Apple Bundt Cake from the Szegedi Region of Hungary Hungarians make wonderful Desserts! Apple cakes are perhaps the...

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Love To Relax? A Pawleys Island Hammock For Summer

Hammocks always say summer to me. In my part of the country the summers get so hot and humid, and whenever there is a day when the breezes are blowing, taking a nap under shady trees is such a pleasure. That is how we traditionally use these leisure contraptions in...

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Holiday Peanut Butter Fudge

I am very picky about fudge. I want it to be creamy, but hold its shape well, I want the ingredients fresh, real, and meltingly delicious. I prefer homemade to commercial fudge, anytime. We came a cross a recipe that has the magic ingredient of turning out well every...

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Many years ago, around 2005 or so, I participated in a popular writing meme following a template that gave a wonderful result. It combines something of the many "about me" formats, but with a decidedly more aesthetic outcome. So many bloggers were creating posts using...

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Cardamom Rolls

Alternate Recipe for Cardamom Rolls 2 packages active dry yeast1 cup unsalted butter, (plus more for buttering pans)1/2 cup Granulated sugar2 large eggs3/4 cup milk4 1/2 cups flour (plus more for kneading)1 teaspoon salt1/2 cup light brown sugar (packed)4 teaspoons...

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Cardamom Spice, Recipes To Warm Your Heart

Warming and Flavorful Spice for Your Cooking While better known today because of its addition to Chai drinks and Indian cuisine, cardamom has long been a favorite in Scandinavian kitchens and in my kitchen, too. It add a "je ne sais quoi" to many dishes ranging from...

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Smart Styles for Silver Hair

What makes a style work for you? If you're looking for a smart style to suggest to your hairdresser next time a haircut is due or just dressing up a bit for a night out. I'm creating a curation of some of my favorites for future reference, here. Maybe they will suit...

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What about Supplements, Herbs, and Vitamins?

Herbs & Vitamins Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. All information is offered from my own personal opinions and experience for you to use for informational purposes only. We are responsible for our own health decisions and that includes consulting...

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A fireside-even if only in the heart

I love the picture of a warm fireside. I am a cold climate person... was born and lived with cold winters all my life. One of the things that freezing temperatures highlight is the comfort of a fireplace. Whether it includes the view of the fire or not, radiant heat...

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National Cherry Dessert Day and Sour Cherries

Among the more obscure nationally proclaimed holidays, were you aware of the day set aside to celebrate cherry desserts? Well there is one! For most of us, that means the tart fruits of the sour cherry tree, the  Prunus cerasus. The pie cherry has been consumed since...

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Using Weights To Improve Physical Fitness

Strength Training Whatever your age or difficulty, it seems training with weights can help you. Eventually, a whole body regimin could be introduced into your exercise routine, but where (and how limited) would you like to start? I chanced onto Jane Fonda's routine in...

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Exercise Your Way

Exercise and the Christian Woman Follow your heart If you are like many Christians, it is a temptation to make such a division between the spiritual and the physical that the two realms almost seem mutually exclusive. Or you may not have a spiritual emphasis, but an...

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