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The new way to customize themes is increasingly centered inside a plugin. That is what I am using with the theme that comes with the present WordPress, Twenty Fourteen .  I decided to try out a child theme for it.

The child theme is called ‘Sequel’, and relies upon a couple plugins. After the child theme is chosen and the plugins are installed, it is a matter of cycling through a large number of choices that will then customize the look to conform more to what you desire.

I liked the look just fine before I started changing it, but wanted to try out this child theme and see how plugins create changes.  Among the things that I didn’t have access to previously is the Googlefonts .  I love fonts, and have the hardest time deciding which one is best for a site, but eventually my “trial and error” method will conclude with a basic look.

I tried  out at least six that I like equally well, and have a general wish for the font to convey the fact that this is a personal site with tidbits of information. Nothing heavy and imposing or too stiff, as though we are taking ourselves too seriously here.

The capacity for using different fonts adds unique character to a site.

We just want to have fun blogging and setting it up. We like to get quick troubleshooting for common problems. that is what I am writing about here, because that is what I most appreciate.

Does your theme have Googlefonts included for customizing?  Do you like the choices or would you rather have the typography taken care of and brand your site in other ways?

If you want to try it out, the “Styles” plugin is available in the WP repository. Styles