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Produced a few more of Elaine’s images into Zazzle products today. She is slowly seeing a few sales.
Her work has a Facebook page, but not many know of it. Any likes are appreciated.

Go here for Elaine’s Facebook Page

Random Boy In Emo Mode
Random Boy In Emo Mode by eLainesLocker
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This anime character has two modes: regular boy and emo mode. That is what I call it anyway. Her friends on Facebook rave over her work, but no one has bought anything yet. Most orders for her stuff has come from Europe.

My stores have been very quiet, also, although I put up many new designs and products. Perhaps it will pick up later this year. I hope so. I think I have not quite worked out what people like about my way of making Zazzle designs. So far it was my beach photo products that sold the best. And a few of the Hungarian folk style things.

People have come to like my cows, too.

Ilona’s Vintage is new

Here is something from that store:

As a mouse pad gift:

Or for an elegant card:

I decided that Ilona’s Garden should be more about natural landscapes, plants and flowers, while vintage illustrations, designs, and art ought to be in its own store. So far, no buyers, or traffic yet.