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Using a Garden Theme for Your Wedding?

Botanical inspiration for a garden theme creates flowering ambiance from the moment the save-the-date announcement arrives right through to the thank you notes after the big even is over.

Here is an array of invitations, stamps, and everything for your wedding correspondence from Zazzle, and some beautiful accessories from Amazon’s expansive site.

Botanical art or photography can make beautiful invitations that set the tone for the coming event with a garden or conservatory theme or venue. Every color combination is possible although green just says “plants and flowers”. The botanical prints have a vintage look to them and fit in beautifully with the vintage look that is very popular for wedding theme designs right now.

Wedding Colors

The default hue for garden themes is green, since one usually thinks of leafy green from the many plants lushly growing in a botanical garden.

But what sort of color theme might you imagine which harmonizes within a conservatory filled with fabulous plants? I think of many …Tropical tints, tender pinks, gorgeous reds and oranges? Greens, purples?

The vintage primrose print gathers burgundy, navy, gold, and biscuit beige- imagine what you can do with those color harmonies!

Besides the obvious garden wedding theme, or botanical wedding theme, what other ones might use botanical flowers for their wedding stationary?

Theme Ideas

Here are a few theme ideas which might use botanical wedding correspondence as the chosen design.

Koi, The Elegant Fish

Chinese and Japanese art have made them elegant. Koi fish might be a theme of its own or it may be a subtext in an Asian themed wedding. If ponds and fish tales aren’t your cup of tea, try Boho orchids and dried palm leaves or classic red lanterns… many motifs are part of an Asian cultural theme. My daughter’s wedding actually had the Asian theme, but was held in a Conservatory, and the motifs all worked well together.

Suggested colors: tomato red, mango orange and sun yellow

Victorian Conservatory

The melange of plants, the delicacy of fine old lace and the many decorative elements of a botanical garden were made for each other.

Suggested colors: cranberry red and ivory


What is more natural than a green, environmentally responsible theme inside a place filled with plants? Wedding correspondence that reflects your love of the outdoors.

Suggested colors: Natural paper and greens, soft white

Flowering Set of Invitations and Cards

A Botanical Motif

The colors for your invitation will reflect the colors you have chosen and your theme. This past year Honeysuckle pink was very popular. You may wish for trendy popular colors or you may have something that is special to you even though not in the fashion forefront. The important thing is that the details all add up to what makes you happy. It is so easy to customize your wedding to what you want with services like Zazzle!


The Look of Watercolors

Watercolor designs have taken over as one of the top wedding stationary trends. They are beautifully done in print, looking like each was hand painted and crafted. The soft pastel look is right in sync with the tones that are at the top of the fashion colors of powdery blues and blush pinks. They also harmonize with woodland, floral, and green themes.

calla lilies

Source: Brimberg & Coulson

The Look of Real Flowers

Rustic, garden, and vintage themes can all incorporate lots of realistic flowers in the accessories and invitations. It is a lush look which serves contemporary themes just as well. The secret is in the blooms themselves, whether sleek and elegant like Calla lilies or romantic as Old Roses, the blossoms bring romance to every venue.

If you love Calla lilies, more bridal tips and suggestions can be found in Calla Lily Wedding Flowers.

Stylized Flowers Create Whimsy

Wedding stationary with retro feeling, modern upbeat mood, or iconic themes may be represented with the form of the flower without being buried in detail. Sophisticated or fun this is the design to look for when a strong design look is desired. Tracery and line art is more sophisticated, while many childlike or retro looks are floral.

Botanical Invitations Come in More Colors

Not simply green, the botanical motif stationary can be composed of any color combination you can dream up.
So many flowers of the world are illustrated either stylistically or in gorgeous realism that the options are infinite. Find your favorite flower and you can build your botanical theme around it, if you wish, or match the flower to your chosen color scheme..

Things To Know About Wedding Stationary

I like the quality and the idea of customizing the invitations that is offered on Zazzle, although there are many Wedding stationary choices. The fact that I have my own storefront there makes me more familiar with the possibilities available there, so I thought this would be a useful set of details for brides to plan everything with ease.

What are the Costs? Budgeting

In general, it is quoted as about $450.00 for invites, reply cards, save-the-date cards, and postage in the average wedding. This amount may be compared with other info from updated searches:

Expect $1,000 +plus for a custom wedding invitation suite; remember that inflation can expand these costs.

The amount paid for your stationary suite from Zazzle would be around the lesser quoted costs, but this could range depending on the design, paper, and whether discount coupons were available at the time you order. What seems most consistent is the high level of satisfaction that most customers express about their orders.

Thinking About Custom Zazzle Wedding Stationary?

Invitations on Zazzle:

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Invitations made in 24 hours
  • Thousands of free templates
  • 13 sizes and paper types
  • Up to 60% off bulk orders
  • Vibrant, full bleed color printing
  • Zazzle offer invitations in 5 sizes (can be used horizontally or vertically):
  • Oversized: 6.5 x 8.75 inches
  • Extra Large: 5.5 x 7.5 inches
  • Large: 5 x 7 inches
  • Medium: 4.5 x 6.25 inches
  • Small: 4.25 x 5.5 inches
  • Plus RSVP cards: 3.5 x 5 inches (these will fit inside all other invitation envelopes)
  • All invitations come with white envelopes.

All are available on the following card stocks:

  • Basic: 110lb cover weight, matte surface. Contains 50% recycled content. Color: White
  • Felt: 100lb cover weight with embossed finish. Color: Cream
  • Linen: 90lb cover weight with embossed, laid lines. Color: White
  • Recycled: 100lb cover weight, 100% post consumer recycled content. Color: White
  • Metallic: 110lb cover weight. Colors: Champagne, Silver, Gold, Ice

Choosing Your Style

The formality of your wedding will influence the style of your invitations. a more formal look in the invitation and wording will indicate a formal wedding style and attire.

No matter how formal or informal the wedding is, it is a time for the couple, and especially the bride, to express individual style.

Choosing Wedding Invitations Guide

Butterfly Garden Wedding Favors

Butterfly Garden Seed Favors "Sow Seeds of Love" Set of 25 Individual Packets
Butterfly Garden Seed Favors “Sow Seeds of Love” Set of 25 Individual Packets

This idea for favors is not only perfect for garden themes- it is very welcome to most everyone. Different from the usual candies or more expensive candles, etc. Help make the world a better place for butterflies with seeds for the flowers they love.

Garden Theme Colors from Palest Pastel to Jewel Tones

The levels of formality and their invitation style for weddings can be seen in this table

Formal StyleEngraved invitations


reception cards

Lavish decorations,

pew ribbons,

aisle runner,


abundant flowers

Semiformal StyleEngraved informal

or printed

Similar to, though less

extravagant decorations

than formal weddings

Informal StyleInformal printed

or hand-written

Very simple
Most brides opt for the semi-formal wedding for a variety of reasons.

Botanical Invitation Themes

The stage is set when you send the invitations, and even before as the Save-The-Date cards are sent out. Use the colors and motifs that will ignite expectation in your guests of the event to come. Everything does not need to match, but a general feeling and color palette will make your entire wedding memorable.

A garden theme may be an outdoor wedding, but the sense of a place filled with flowers and the feeling of such a place can be created in any venue.

This particular motif of flowers and foliage isn’t limited to just one theme, either, it can range from modern to vintage, from Hawaiian beaches to indoor conservatories. The only rule is your love of flowers.

Botanical Wedding Invitations – designed by me

More Garden Wedding Theme Ideas

Cake in Botanical Theme

Cake in Botanical Theme

Lavender Florets to Throw

Lavender might have a flower language meaning you don’t like, but the plant itself is lovely. Throwing lavender with ts light fragrance is a nice concept.

Maybe its alternative meaning of “devotion” is quite appropriate for wedded bliss, but whatever the meaning of lavender, it is a good choice for both garden wedding themes and botanical ones.

Zziggysgal 9 French Lavender Sachets in a Beautiful Keepsake Box
Zziggysgal 9 French Lavender Sachets in a Beautiful Keepsake Box

Individualized packets all ready for the wedding toss as the new Mr. and Mrs. exit the Church. Fragrant good wishes!


Wedding Checklist

  • Save The Date Cards or Engagement Announcement
  • The Wedding Invitations
  • RSVP Cards
  • Information Cards
  • Order Of Service
  • Guest Book
  • Menus
  • Table Number Cards
  • Thank You Cards
  • Photo Albums

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