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I don’t need more tools or things for my garden. I have accumulated the tools, the paraphernalia, and even the apparel of a gardener of many years.

Still, it seems there are little tweaks, or some joys of things garden related that make me think that I would indeed enjoy having that cute birdhouse, or a swing for the grandkids. It certainly isn’t a stretch to dream of some raised garden bench style planters to make a handy herb and lettuce bed not far from where we grill a summer meal.

I hope you enjoy looking at these collected ideas and my musings. They are all affiliate links, but no less inspiring for all that.

A Very Charming Birdhouse

I can’t help it, I absolutely love well designed bird houses. Whether they are rustic , Japanese style, or something much more Colonial and grand, I seem to have a real weakness for them.

And it can’t be chalked up to a love of birds, although I do love birds and almost a superstition about  seeing them and having a blessing ( maybe I’ll explain about that later.

What I like about this particular birdhouse is its Old England look. It just looks like it belongs in a Cottage garden.


Every Garden Should Have a Rope Swing

A carry over from my childhood, I am sure. Yet, it was only in the past couple years that I saw a rope swing hanging from a tree in a front yard in Atlanta.

The neighborhood was established and sedate, and nothing could more appropriate than that swing, just waiting for the right time of the afternoon.

Simple, but sturdy, it brings back such memories and makes me think of lazy summer days.

Wouldn’t we be happier if we took a few moments to sit in a swing and dream?

This Is Practical

I bet I could talk myself into the idea that this is a necessity.

I’ve been wanting this type of raised bench planter ever since I saw some my Uncle had at his home in Maryland. I love the deep curved bottom of this one, and it sure would save my back some bending over.

I can imagine it right outside the back deck, filled with succulent lettuces, clumps of parsley and some leafy basil plants. While the tomatoes are pretty, I doubt if I would keep mine quite so well behaved… so maybe peas on the trellis instead?

You know Mother’s Day is not that far away, and I believe this could be the start of a little hint dropping.