Geraniums are always cheering – all kinds of geraniums, whether the dainty scented types or the bursting red garden ones. Years ago I found a poem that helps me maintain an attitude of contentment… since I have often overwintered my geraniums in the windowsill.

Red Geraniums

by Martha Haskell Clark
Life did not bring me silken gowns,
Nor jewels for my hair,
Nor signs of gabled foreign towns
In distant countries fair,
But I can glimpse, beyond my pane,
a green and friendly hill,
And red geraniums aflame
upon my window sill

The brambled cares of everyday,
The tiny humdrum things,
May bind my feet when they would stray,
But still my heart had wings
While red geraniums are bloomed
against my window glass,
And low above my green-sweet hill
the gypsy wind-clouds pass.

And if my dreamings n’er come true,
The brightest and the best,
But leave me lone my journey through,
I’ll set my heart at rest,
And thank God for home-sweet things,
a green and friendly hill,
And red geraniums aflame
upon my window sill.

Spring is just around the corner, when we will be able to plant our geraniums outside and fill containers on the porch. Now that’s a cheerful thought!

4 Replies to “Geraniums”

  1. What a lovely picture and poem and sentiment… I can’t wait for Spring either! Thanks for sharing your geranium thoughts… 🙂 … Debra

  2. PS-I am new to this blog and am not sure about how things work.
    But I liked the poem about geraniums.
    See my photos of them here at the following website:

    I found your poem while googling for information about pelargoniums.
    (aka seadancer1934)

  3. Love it. I grew up in So.Cal. and had geraniums outside my bedroom window. The smell of geraniums on a warm summer night was/is/and will always be heaven.

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