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twitterbirdThe social plugins out there are familiar to all of us, who read blogs and who make them. I’ve used a number of them, but just added one to this blog: Shareaholic.

I’ve seen it on other blogs and always liked the look. If it works out well here, I think I will replace other plugins I am using on some of my other blogs.

One of the criticisms of social sharing plugins has been the way they slow down a site, which is a real problem for some of my sites (although not necessarily for this one). This site is not image heavy and the theme seems fairly fast. If there are problems it likely come from the unfortunate fate of Netfirms, which was bought by EIG. I have had lots of hosting woes since ownership of Netfirms changed. And they seem to buy out every hosting company I look into, so far.

Back to the plugin… Shareaholic for WordPress is HTML5-compliant, its JavaScript is hosted on Amazon’s CDN, and it is customizable in ways that are easy to implement. It includes sharing sites that others don’t always include – like Squidoo.

I like it.

Add it to the list of important WordPress plugins to include in your list.