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I started using the plugin from google for adding Adsense to my site. The idea was to give it a couple weeks. And although coincidentally the spring is my most visited season on my garden site, the amount of income that came from using the plugin has proved that it really is a success.

I am not a big earner, by any means, but the amounts from 2013 had become downright pathetic. I would be happy for 2 cents a day.  Now it is much better, and I have hope that with hard work on the site, Adsense might be a supplement to online income.

I says it is still in Beta, but I am hoping they continue to develop it; this plugin has been a real boon to my site. I am hoping to use it on more of my sites, soon.

If you are interested in trying it out yourself, here is the link in the WordPress repository:

Google Publisher Plugin