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I switched over to the pagespeed beta offered by Google, recently, It was a major hassle. I had a “bare domain”, this is, without the www. The service required that I switch to the www. form of the domain. I knew I was going to lose a major amount of SEO cred when I divided my domain like that and had all the redirects. What I didn’t know was how hard it would be just to change it. Perhaps that is yet another drawback to horrid Netfirms. The tech people finally helped to get it work at least part time, although I still come up with database error pages- just not all the time. I am hoping it gets ironed out.

Anyway. The switch from Cloudflare, which had so many problems with DOS attacks (not their problem, but still affected me) to Pagespeed beta has been less than stellar ( including the setback of changing my domain address). My google adsense dropped into the small change again.

Maybe when on a bad host like Netfirms you have to have a service like Cloudflare to handle all the bad traffic and problems from hackers? I wish I knew. I know what you are thinking, why not just change hosts? Well, I’ve been looking. Many of the recommended ones have been taken by the conglomerate that made Netfirms so unsatisfactory.  Why work to change to something like that? So, I am still looking….

In the meantime, while Pagespeed has helped the problem of my need for faster pages and the use of a CDN, It is hard for a person like me, someone only a tiny bit knowledgeable about code, domain pointing, MySql and all that stuff. Not very user friendly for those like me.