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More women are finding that their gray and silver locks can be stunning. No need to color their hair and struggle with roots that need touch-ups. Stay gray and love your healthy hair.

Maintain Your Silver Locks

I Say Silver is the New Blonde

Gorgeous White

You are seeing more of us everywhere: women who flaunt their silver locks. Gray hair is no longer a source of shame. Embracing our age gracefully, we have stopped coloring our hair and now revel in the healthy feeling of our own hair color, accentuating and not covering it up.

Of course, it helps that the likes of Lady Gaga and Emmylou Harris are photographed with their beautiful gray hairstyles.

But what about those of us who will remain gray after the momentary fads of fashion fade away? There is an art to dealing with the changes that aging makes in our skin and hair, and we are in no less need of beauty tips and great products to help us look our best. Growing older is no longer something women need to keep a secret, and it isn’t trying to look younger that needs to concern us, so much as looking and being as healthy and strong as possible.

That has always been the top beaut secret at any age, it just hasn’t been as aggressively marketed.

Maybe it is time to change that oversight.

My Story, the Evolution of Gray

My Twenties: Carefree Hair

I had dark, shiny brunette hair, and it being the seventies I wore it quite long. I didn’t color my mid-back length hair, but used coconut infused shampoos and gave it olive oil treatments. I cut it myself every once in a while. Being young, my main concern was shine and keeping split ends at bay.

My Thirties: My Genes Kick In

Gray began to appear… I blame my kids ( just kidding). So, off to the hairdresser I went and blonde or caramel highlights began to become part of my “cover story”. It was a subtle way to blend the gray and disguise it .

As the years progressed through the decade, the highlights grew chunkier and took up more brunette hair real estate, until it was obvious that this was not going to be sufficient to color the amount of gray that was replacing my originally very dark brown.

My Forties: Fending Off the Inevitable

In my fortieth decade I started coloring my hair, and not satisfied with mere experiments of dark browns, caramel browns, or golden browns, I added highlights on top of the brown, because time was marching on and my skin was fading from the color that used to match the glossy brunette hair color of my youth. I wanted it to look as becoming and natural as possible. And the hair stylists did make me look good. For awhile.

But oh, those roots.

Closer hair appointments, more complex color services, added hair products to preserve those effects, and additional conditioning treatments, oh dear, this was all getting very expensive for my middle class budget. but, I was willing to pay it, and my husband complimented the results, so on with the carousel ride I went.

But I kept considering how women older than me were adjusting to their aging physical appearance and admired the ones who were comfortable in their skins, and noticed the gap between the look of the hair color and the look of the skin. It was apparent that at a certain point the hair and skin did not match up.

The Fifties: Silver Makes Appearance

As I approached my mid-fifties, the decision was made. At some point I would go “cold turkey”, it would be time to tough out the dreaded “growing out” period, the half color/half natural stage that must be endured.

It wasn’t really so hard when the time came. I had gradually become almost “blonde”. ( Which is another hair color story almost in itself- do you know people treat blondes differently?) The gray transition was a bit tacky, but I didn’t have to cut all my hair off (I wear it mid-length,usually). It went gray, and has stayed that way ever since. I turned sixty this year.

Yes, a woman who will tell you her age will tell you anything. It’s true.

The Reaction To Shades Of Gray

I have a nice silver gray, it’s true, but I was not prepared for how (most of the time) the reactions of people to my gray hair is quite complimentary and positive.

Of course there was that shock when transitioning to the natural shade of color, when someone in the grocery line behind me telephoned their mom “Im in line behind the old lady”. Well, I am older, and not everyone is going to say “the nice looking old lady”! But that is okay, because it is very freeing to become comfortable in ones own skin… and hair.

Comfy, Yet? Easy Gray Hair Care


Take Care Of Your Hair, Maintain Shine And Health

When hair loses its pigment, it also often changes in texture. Like many women who go gray, my hair became more coarse and curly.

I have learned since allowing my natural hair color to reign that shine and a smooth look are more becoming, especially when I want to look my best. Certain hair products are essential for this. I like shampoos formulated for silver hair, and smoothing serum to tame the frizzies. If I really want to look my best I run a flatiron over my hair to style it.

Are You Comfortable With Your Graying Color Yet?

Give Your Silver Some Shine Image courtesy of Ambro Give Your Silver Some Shine Image courtesy of Ambro

One of the ways that gray hair grows on you (a little pun, there!) is by seeing other women who have changed to their gray and look beautiful. Think about famous actresses like Helen Mirren, Jamie Lee Curtis, Meryl Streep.. and models like Maye Musk, Cindy Joseph, and Yasmina Rossi. They are all examples of just how gorgeous a gray haired woman can be.

One thing they all have in common is that their hair has a healthy look, and taking care of hair inside and outside has always been a secret of women with beautiful hair.

Improving the Outside?

  • Yellow cancelling shampoo
  • Serum for smooth shine
  • Gentle shampoos, moisturizing conditioners
  • Protection from sun and wind

Improving the Inside?

  • Good health habits in general
  • Vitamins A, B Complex ( that means all of them together), D and E are all of vital importance to hair health.
  • Eat more eggs, walnuts, lentils… even oysters! All have nutrients that are great for hair health.

Going Gray Q&A

Spring in her step, stylishly coiffed

Spring in her step, stylishly coiffed Source: mvplante on Flickr

What Causes Hair To Go Gray?

It wasn’t until recently that scientists discovered the role that hydrogen peroxide played in the loss of melanin in the hair. The hydrogen peroxide that is produced by the body interferes with the production of melanin which is the pigment for hair color. As we age the enzyme that breaks this chemical down into harmless water and oxygen is no longer produced so well.

Does this mean you can prevent your hair from turning gray? No, not yet. Scientists don’t quite know what to do with their new findings, but they are working on it.

Can stress turn your hair gray?

Scientists don’t think so. It seems to be more a product of your genes. Your genes and the decrease of certain metabolic enzymes like catalase.

Can I reverse the gray through supplements?

No, it doesn’t work that way. The enzyme, that your body is producing less of, is unstable and it isn’t possible to direct it to the hair follicles where it would make a difference in the production of melanin.

How Do I Make My Hair Look Amazing?

Pravana The Perfect Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo | Neutralizes Brassy, Yellow Tones | For Color-Treated Hair | Adds Strength, Shine, Elasticity | Sulfate Free | 11 Fl Oz

This is one of the most popular shampoos for cancelling out yellow. It has color properties that highlight silver hair, but one of the big reasons users like it is because of the fact it is paraben-free. Best results are for well conditioned hair, so be sure to use a conditioner, as well.

A Great Silver Hair Product, Reviewed

Gray Hair Truth Or Dare

What do you really think of gray hair?

Silver is the new blonde! Make your declaration, Silver Fox.

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Growing Out Silver Gray Hair

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