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Pinterest_Logo3At first I had no idea what Pinterest was but opened an account with the name of truegrit (also my twitter handle) to experiment.

It grew into a fascination, and I learned how to collect pins for ideas, if not pinterest followers. Then I discovered sharing photos on my blogs and lenses.

That was quite exciting for awhile, until Pinterest had trouble with legal issues ( or the threats thereof) and I lost all my links and images from pages I had worked on during that period.

In WordPress blogs we can still use it in widget form:

Now I use Pinterest only occasionally, although I like to flip through the pins like when I pick up old magazines.

So the answer is that it changed my blogging for awhile, but not in a lasting way. I still think it is a good way to get ideas and to share.

At first when an image was shared it meant a big spike in visitors, but now it is more of a blip on the screen. That may be because of several factors, two of which is the flood of spammy types onto the boards, and also perhaps others have stopped using it so much in the same way as I have.

There are many social media venues I have either found confusing or extraneous to use. I don’t use foursquare hardly at all, although I think I could if I tried. Flickr is still useful for blogposts, though not for Squidoo lenses.

I may start using Pinterest more if I find more applications for it in my blogging, etc. The fact is that this is in a state of constant flux for me, as it is for others. Tell me what you think, and how you use Pinterest. Is your time on the site increasing or decreasing; has it changed considerably in the past few months?

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