Like the Arrival of a Moroccan Caravan

Discover more fabulous Moroccan style finds to spice up your home’s décor. The richly decorative Moroccan patterns and materials will lend a luxurious air to even the most modern interiors. Travel along the spice route and see if you don’t find some of the wares tempting.

A Medley of Moroccan Items for the Home

The Moroccan look is hot and the entire theme can fill a room or elements in the form of a mirror or a lamp can accent a room of another style.

If you haven’t sampled the design ideas in the Moroccan bedroom and bathroom ideas… take a trip there, next!

Moroccan Style Can Be Colorful

Opulent color

Romantic to the extreme, yet not frilly or fussy. Morocco style says adventure and comfort at the same time- a truly enigmatic set of impressions.

Pattern is intricate, and may show up on tables, tiles, teapots, or lanterns. Colors may be intense, but are more often burnished and faded. Comfort and visual interest are key.

These elements may be used together to give a specific theme, or included in an eclectic mix to give a layer of richness. Use these North African accessories to lend an air of the exotic, and a feeling of luxury to your rooms.


Moroccan Can Be Modern

You’ve decided its time for something out of the ordinary…

It could just be a few exciting accents, or it could be time for a complete overhaul of a rooms design, but you are hungry for color and pattern, for bits of luxury and loveliness, or simply a feeling of far-off places.

Marrakesh conjures up just such longings and satisfies the oft held décor aspirations that led to Turkish rugs, colorful tiles, and other elements that have proven perennially popular.

Moroccan Can Be Modern

Once the design direction has been chosen, it is time to take the magic carpet ride to this exotic land for ideas, color palettes, and a plan.

Moroccan Color Is Surprising

Blue and white may be one of the traditional forms of color seen within the tiles or fabrics, but as in many warm climes, a bright array of hues finds a home as well. Taking a cue from the brightly painted tiles, or maybe a favorite painting that depicts a painters rendition of the interior rooms of a sultan’s palace… there are many starting points for this decorating adventure.

Pattern pops up everywhere, beautiful greens, contrasting Persian red, and clear light blues mix softly and in no way clashing.

~~~~~~~~ Lanterns~~~~~~~~

A lantern brings the feeling of the style into a room without overwhelming the budget. Versatile, it can be placed anywhere for a change of mood.

Moorish Tile Stencil – Stencil your walls easily

Completely “Do -It- Yourself” directions for a simpler Moroccan design in the Moroccan Bathroom Hub.

Faux Like a Pro Moroccan Stencil, 10.5 by 10.5-Inch, Single Overlay

Get an authentic look for your walls with easy stencils.


“Moor” Fabulous Finds

Fabulous finds that you may not be able to obtain anywhere else might be had on eBay’s vast network of auctions. Especially when looking for exotic one-of-a-kind Moroccan flair items, you may just end up with a bargain, who knows?

Moroccan Luxury and Color for the Bath – Tiles with allure

Mediterranean Azur Ceramic Tile 4x4

[easyazon_link asin="B0044ZZMXW" locale="US" new_window="default" nofollow="default" tag="ilonasreflect-20" add_to_cart="default" cloaking="default" localization="default" popups="default"]Mediterranean Azur Ceramic Tile 4×4



Moroccan Handpainted Tile
Moroccan Handpainted Tile

The key to combining color is to choose similar types- in this case the opposites of blue and yellow are bright and a harmonizing green ( harmonizes both with the blue and the yellow) marries the two. This can be done with less saturated colors, too.

Moroccan Pattern – Warm Dusky Color

Spice Route ~ Red Orange Moroccan Decorative Throw Cushion Cover 18x18

Spice Route ~ Red Orange Moroccan Decorative Throw Cushion Cover 18×18

Spicy red-brown, with the exotic pattern that might be found in a Moroccan souk, makes the look warm and inviting.

Moor Inspiration – the intricate designs are hypnotic

Moor Door
Moor Door

Rich Marquetry Wood Coffer

Thuya Wood Box

Authentic, handcrafted Moroccan Thuya wood, these boxes are made only in Morocco.

Thuya Wood Box

Take Your Rooms For A Magic Carpet Ride – Carpets, Mirrors, Lanterns, More

Such a wide variety of colors, but they all seem to mesh in Morocco. Many decorators choose neutral and blue as a restful backdrop, but citrus brights and rich jewel colors work just as well. Luxurious details seem to be the only important detail when achieving a look that seems straight from Casablanca.

Nothing is simpler for changing the feeling of a room than table décor. Placemats bring instant color and style to the room. Tired of it? Just switch out the set for another- trial colors, patterns, complete styles for just a few dollars. And they are simple to make, if you want to create your own.

~~~~~~~~ Moroccan Flavor~~~~~~~~

coco and kelley
coco and kelley

Don’t just stop at looking at rooms or accessories, immerse yourself in the foods and flavors, the textures and fragrances of a Moroccan fantasy. If you don’t have a Moroccan Restaurant near you, whip up a few adventurously delightful dishes. You might find tangine cooking method is one you want to try on more than one occasion.

Mediterranean foods are healthy, and the spices give new excitement to what might have become ho-hum meals.

Arabic Cooking class

I love Middle Eastern foods. Not only is the Mediterranean diet healthy, but the flavors rich. Borrow some of the traditional cooking utensils for adding spice to the décor, as well. I think the tangines are beautiful- not just in the colorful range of shades, but because they can go from oven to table and serve the food to perfection. The Moroccan copper pans and servers will bring sparkle and panache to a kitchen. Large platters patterned with color are a useful display. Let your imagination find expression in using some of the most beautiful pieces in either customary or unusual ways.

Have you gotten the feeling of this far off land after your virtual caravan ride through some of the colors, textures, and flavors of Morocco?

This page serves as something of an idea board from which to glean new directions for the foods and designs that this land can bring into your own life.

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