Autumn Colors Are Welcome Any Time Of Year

family room walls

Hot orange walls bring vivid warmth and make an inviting statement in rooms where people like to mingle. Consider this color for a family room.

For almost anyone, the autumn season is a time to add pumpkin orange, crimson red, golden yellow, and nut browns to the decor, but for some there is nothing more homey than the harvest colorings of Fall for the entire year round.

No matter which colors you prefer for your home’s rooms, see if there are autumn additions that would lend the season’s richness and warmth to your indoor palette. You may be surprised how a touch of autumn color brightens up otherwise neutral rooms without too much expense or commitment.

Autumn inspired palettes

The Colors of a Golden Afternoon

living room art

Lazy Autumn Afternoon

There is something clear, and yet soft, about the light of autumn days. The combination of yellow, gold, and oak leaf brown can create a most welcome environment that surrounds one in cozy and inviting color. The color yellow has notes of cheer and energy , while brown gives an earthy, grounded look. Deep charcoal accents can bring out the dramatic side of such a color pairing.

Many people like to use a favorite painting to garner their color combination, and the grayed teal that gives the effect of a residual fog might be the perfect foil to the warm hues of yellow,gold, and brown.

Warm the atmosphere even more

When orange is added to yellow the feeling becomes festive.

Consider some of your favorite seasonal foods or harvest decorations: bright orange pumpkins with golden and green bi-colored gourds; the orange and golden yellow of maple leaves; bittersweet berries with their golden caps.

Golden Yellow, Vibrant Orange

Bittersweet Berries Inspire

The colors of bittersweet berries ignite ideas

Oriental Bittersweet postcard on Zazzle

The colors of bittersweet berries ignite ideas…deep red orange with orange-gold and moss greens, a blue gray gives just a bit of contrast and pale yellow ochre makes an ideal background wall color for the bright sparks of color.

Make it rich and earthy

As autumn matures the colors turn earthy. If you like a rich, subdued background for your bedroom, this might be the color harmony that most comforts and nurtures you.

When deep brown is added to oranges and harvest yellow, an inviting and cozy room is easily created. Especially in combining that leather brown color with burnt orange, it becomes a song of Autumn.

It is a color scheme that a man is comfortable with. I like the cheerful creamy yellow on the walls, but Navaho white or picking up that deep orange on just one wall could be as effective.

Toned With Browns

deep rich colors and textures say luxury

Combine deep autumnal color with luxe fabrics and get supreme comfort for body and soul. Silky satins, damasks, and tapestry textures bring out the depth of color .

Traditional Colors and Textural Earthy Materials

Use a mix of textures for these rich colors

Whether it is burlap or velvet, texture highlights the colors of fall, and they look best with something that makes use of the saturated depth of the hues. The harmonies of green, gold, and orange with the addition of browns brings out the autumn feeling of this palette, although you don’t have to stay inside that guideline. Purple is also an autumn color!

Purples and Violets Simmer

Violets are part of the season's color palette

via Pinterest is a reminder that violet shades are part of the Autumn landscape, and in their subtler tones look gorgeous with deep red orange ( purple and orange are secondary harmonies on the color wheel).

Violets are part of the season’s color palette


Autumn Lamp Looks

This color theme lends itself particularly well to the oriental cloisonné look and to leather textures. Lamps that incorporate those elements are often the best accents for a harvest season look.

Warm Wood And Nubby Texture

Autumn Decor Lamp – Beautiful Painted Autumn Scene

An amazing focal point in the room, the attention arresting shape and color harmony of red autumn hues with black frame is warm and sophisticated at the same time. This is no ordinary table lamp, but literally a work of art.

Kichler Lighting 70772 Vivido Autumn 24-Inch Portable Table Lamp, Aged Crackle Decoupage Finish with Linen Oval Hard Back Shade
Kichler Lighting 70772 Vivido Autumn 24-Inch Portable Table Lamp, Aged Crackle Decoupage Finish with Linen Oval Hard Back Shade

It is hard to imagine a more artistically beautiful lamp than this. It is a focal point piece, that has character and elegance. The look of a fine antique.

Creating An Atmosphere

Honey Oak Finish Harmonizes Nicely

Dunhill Bed in Autumn Brown/Honey Oak by Fashion Bed Group
Dunhill Bed in Autumn Brown/Honey Oak by Fashion Bed Group

Honey Oak Queen size bed harmonizes with any of the autumn colors you might choose for your walls and linens. A romantic traditional style with black metal ornament. Old French Quarter feel to the style.

Bedroom Furniture – With a warm brown finish

Imagine this chocolate brown leathered look bedstead with a green coverlet as base for the terrific coordinating accessories that make you feel like you are spending the night in a forest lodge. No crackling fire necessary, but welcome. Warm and homey, but with an understated elegance that you will love all year.

Pumpkin Color Inspiration

pumpkin pie

One of my favorites: the color, aroma, and taste of spice laden pumpkin pie.

Autumn Braided Rug – Warm brown traditional floor covering

As homey as a slice of pumpkin pie.

Homespun and Rustic

Salem Autumn Retreat Rug Rug Size: Runner 2'3" x 9'
Salem Autumn Retreat Rug Rug Size: Runner 2’3″ x 9′ Brown braided rugs hark back to traditional America crafts where woolen dresses and coasts that became to worn for use were frugally cut into strips and braided into very serviceable and good looking rugs. We don’t have to do the work of saving rags and braiding them, but we can have the look of these wonderful area rugs today.

Home Accessories

The Tints and Aroma Of an Autumn Day

Yankee Candle Autumn Leaves Crackle Collection Tarts Wax Potpourri Warmer
Yankee Candle Autumn Leaves Crackle Collection Tarts Wax Potpourri Warmer

The Motifs of the Fall Season

Traditional Motifs For This Time Of Year

In Japan, the idea of seasonal words that are identified with seasons are called ‘Kigo‘ (season-related word).

Kigo for Autumn haiku poetry might be dragonflies, full moon, chrysanthemums, colored leaves, fallen leaves, maple, mushrooms, deer, harvest, sunset, .

Harvest, Leaves, Squirrels, Acorns, the list goes on

Every season has its motifs, those objects that we identify in a symbolic or iconic way. Autumn seems to take us back to nature in a way no other season can… we revel in harvest themes and celebrate nature.

My Favorite China – Lenox Autumn

Lenox Autumn Gold-Banded Fine China 5-Piece Place Setting, Service for 1
Lenox Autumn Gold-Banded Fine China 5-Piece Place Setting, Service for 1

This is one of the most exquisite china designs ever designed.

Falling Leaves

The icon of fallen leaves

The icon of fallen leaves




Welcoming Kitchens

Orange brings warmth and conviviality

If you want a welcoming and cheerful kitchen, autumn color might be just what you are looking for to decorate the kitchen. In the sea of white and metal, there are times we are hungry for color, and no colors harmonize quite so well with good eating as orange and yellow. They are colors that invite you to sit down and enjoy the food.

Orange Kitchen Appliances:

Some things like kitchen appliance must have shiny surfaces, but autumn is not usually shiny or metallic in nature.

Still, in those accessories that might be made of metal, a burnished metal would probably match up better than a bright shiny one.

Think of bronze or wrought iron, or the brushed metals instead of bright brass. Again these aren’t “rules”, just suggestions.

Autumnal Candle – Bring seasonal scent and color into your decor

Do you love candles? Especially candles that scent the air with delicious reminders of everything you love about the season? I do, too. Here is one to try…

Wicks With The Sound Of a Crackling Fire

Woodwick Candle Autumn Sunset Large Jar
Woodwick Candle Autumn Sunset Large Jar

Woodwick candles bring a pleasant crackle to the air, besides their seasonal scent.

Not everyone wants to do a complete decor in Autumn colors, although I hope this post gives you plenty of reasons to consider it.

Even so, almost everyone likes to add a little seasonal accent during harvest time. Candles, table decorations, table cloths, and the scents of the season are a few ways to add the warmth and hospitality that seems to infuse the the fall.

Anything that brings some of nature indoors, with a little of those happy memories of, glorious changing leaves, the first fire in the fireplace, and abundant apple harvests can be incorporated into the home decor.

Some DIY Ideas!

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