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There is something so uplifting about having a cup of tea. It is especially enjoyable in a beautiful china cup with a side of cookies. One of those small joys of the day

Find yourself a cup; the teapot is behind you. Now tell me about hundreds of things

Tea Mind

Humilitea, Possibilitea, Qualitea, Solidaritea, Abilitea, Equalitea,
Individualitea, Serenitea, Insanitea, Confidentialitea, Vitalitea,
Creativitea, Sportea, Claritea, Realitea
Activitea, Longevitea, Impossibilitea, Familiaritea, Humanitea, Puritea,
Levitea, Longevitea, Immunitea, Digestabilitea, Electricitea, Sensualitea,
Femininitea, Festivitea

-Adapted from: Letters to a Young Zentrepenur – The Republic of Tea