I looked at the past posts here, and some are dated. The internet , and all things computer related change quickly. A year is an eon in internet time.

So pinterest buttons, yeah. They are a big thing for lots of people online, so most of the social plugins now include them. No need to separately install them, and anyway, there are load time issues with lots of little widgets fidgeting around on your blog.

One thing I am trying to work on is the information that those social sharing plugins of all types are a major source of drain on increasing page-load times. Plugins themselves bloat your site, so I have deleted the more redundant ones when possible. When I have more time I hope to compile a list of helpful things and the sources for the info in a separate post. If you can’t wait just do your own research on WordPress plugins and site load times.

Also. I used WordPress Twenty Twelve theme for my Advent blog this past season (Advent 2012). So the post on the Twenty Eleven theme is a little stale, too. Yet, in many ways I liked that theme… it was so easy to make aside posts, etc.

These are just some notes to give you a little heads up on things you may want to change about your WordPress site, in case like me, sometimes you follow old practices. I love the changes that WordPress and Joomla have made to their software! The old days of difficult updating and trying to manually delete hundreds of spam comments are a thing of the past.

OK, this is just a bite …don’t’ want to post all at once, but wanted to let you know this blog is ALLLIIIIIVVVVE. It is not a zombie blog…which reminds me that I will have to post on all the Zombie movies and stuff I’ve been watching…”Like Walking Dead” on Netflix. I watched them all.