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Bring together some vintage Hungarian decorative arts for a unique gift bag combination. Recently, a savvy customer combined tissue paper printed with a traditional embroidery design with a gift bag of another design.

Artwork from an old woodcut pictured a Magyar couple, which I colored in traditional colors after researching similar folk costumes was used to create the gift bag. The tissue paper and gift bag made a unique and memorable combination.

The Tissue Paper

The Gift Bag

Hungarian Flavor

Known for their love of decoration and color, Hungarian are traditionally renowned for the exquisite embroidery they have produced for centuries. This is still in demand toady, although machine made items are most likely the ones for sale here in the USA. It is still possible to get handmade examples, however. The tissue paper has a vintage floral that is representative of the Kalocsa region.
Interestingly, the regions of Hungary each have their own style and colors of embroidery, although each is clearly Hungarian! For a look at the different styles check out this overview (filled with colorful examples of Magyar needle arts!)

Hungarian Regional Embroidery

The tissue paper is printed with the colors and motifs found in Kalocsa Embroidery. this is presently the most popular of all the regional designs.

Weddings and Anniversaries

The wedding couple, with the motto “congratulations”, make the gift bag perfect for wedding or anniversary gifts. The bright cheerful colors speak of happiness and celebration- something Hungarians are always ready for!

This example of combining two different, but harmonious, designs together represents how unique and memorable just a few details can become. Extend this idea to invitations or party details if you are planning to hostess such an event.