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While I think cats are cute, too, I definitely have a preference for puppies. So, I like cute dog designs and that is what I am creating more of in my POD stores. This is a fairly new endeavor of mine which began when I invested in more design resources.
As an artist I didn’t spend much time drawing animals, mostly plants or people. Now, I am putting together some of the types of things I would like to buy; for others to enjoy as well.


I have so many more ideas to complete that it will take me far into this year to cover the dog breeds and make interesting artwork around them. Right now, it is still experimental. I have to keep in mind what others like, not necessarily what pleases just me. That is a lot like buying Christmas or birthday gifts: cater to the person that you hope to please. A very different perspective than most artists have in their training.

There is an artificial divide in the professional art sector. It can be between crafts and art, or between graphic art and fine art, but there is a lapover that makes it sort of silly to think that way. It probably makes sense in certain situations, but I think it tends to under-rate those who work commercially. Likewise, it adds a bias to artists who feel that the business side of making a living from their art somehow cheapens it.

I think it is up to the artist to decide which pathway and expression is best for them. And no matter what you call your work, it is important to try to make it pay for itself. Marketing and self promotion are a large part of that, like it or not.

Such efforts aren’t totally in self interest. because there are people who value the joy and beauty of what an artist or craftsman creates. It only makes sense to advertise it to those who are seeking to purchase it. Again, it is a strange perspective that creators have when they believe if they make it, people will find it. Our material society just has too much clamor in the marketplace.

Oh Yes, Dog Designs

zazzle dog designs
Getting back to the main topic. One of the great things about how POD + Creatives work together is that you can choose to buy resources that other artists make, and put them together to make a new artwork. Additionally, placing this on products in a way that pleases and makes sense.

One of the things I like about creating these designs featuring dog breeds is the chance to spark joy. That idea translates from my de-cluttering efforts and applies to many areas of life including the business of creating. Those of us who like dogs, and especially certain favorites breeds, often feel joy when seeing them depicted on a tshirt or a picture on the wall.

Two Dog Designs I Have On Merch



I like Corgis because they are just so cute. I am looking to buy a Corgi puppy this year. Being very particular about the type of dog that fits in our lifestyle and personalities, I am looking for a certain breed.
In the past we usually had a Lab or Lab mix. My favorite dog is a Great Pyrenees, but I don’t believe I should get another if I am not going to stay on a large property. Loving the breed so much means I might be making some artwork featuring them.

The Vizsla is a Hungarian breed. Owners love them because of their very affectionate disposition. They are hunting dogs for active people. I think they look adorable, but I would not be the ideal owner for this breed.

We can love them even if we wouldn’t be best owning them!