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All Things Hungarian, a Page Collection

About Me

I grew up with an appreciation of my Hungarian heritage. I’ve written articles to highlight the cultural richness of the Magyar people, which, of course, includes recipes from their world-class cuisine. I put together this topic page to highlight some of the best of Hungarian culture.

About This Page

Explore the folk crafts, the music, and some of the foods Hungarians are famous for; sample some history, learn about their unique dog breeds. While many of the linked articles are onsite, many are off-site in my collection of Hubpages, which open in a new window.

A Bit of Trivia

Hungarian culture is rich and when you are Hungarian you are proud of that fact. Collecting a number of articles that revolve around my heritage and its culture has resulted in a Hungarian curation to keep track of them and highlight them for interested visitors.

Proud of Hungarian Heritage

An old magazine cover illustrated by famous Hungarian illustrator Willy Pogany.
An old magazine cover illustrated by famous Hungarian illustrator Willy Pogany.

Most people are probably proud of their ancestry and enjoy their common culture. Everyone wonders at one time or another about their “roots”. Maybe you were lucky enough to have family traditions, foods, and love of a culture handed down to you. Maybe you were really lucky and had Hungarian roots!

I enjoy learning the things that make Hungarian culture unique. I believe some things are passed on through the generations and we aren’t even completely aware of how they are rooted in our specific heritage until we learn something about it.

Many famous people, Actors, Scientists, Athletes, and much more than that have Hungarian roots.

Who are the famous Hungarians?


Hungarian Crafts: Famous for their Embroidery

All over the country, crafts are sold by individuals hawking their wares. When I visited Hungary, there were roadside purveyors of tablecloths and clothing. Of course, shops abound, but it is fun to buy something from a local craftsperson.
All over the country, crafts are sold by individuals hawking their wares. When I visited Hungary, there were roadside purveyors of tablecloths and clothing. Of course, shops abound, but it is fun to buy something from a local craftsperson.

Decorative Folk Arts

Hungarian Easter eggs

Hungarian Easter eggs

  • Hungarian Easter Eggs
    Eastern European egg designs for Easter are beautifully intricate. Hungarians have their own style.
  • Hungarian Decorative Painting
    Hungarian embroidery is well known, the same intensive detail and color is repeated in the paintings that cover walls in the region of Kalocsa, and the furnishings which are reminiscent of tole.




Folk Crafts, Embroidery

Embroidered sleeves

Embroidered sleeves

  • Hungarian Kalocsa Folk Embroidery
    Of the numerous regional styles of Hungarian embroidery, the one from Kalocsa seems to have captured everyone’s heart. It is light, bright, and cheerful.
  • Hungarian Embroidery Overview
    Hungary is famous for its embroidery, for the sheer exuberance of its color and style. Discover what makes this craft popular with collectors, some history and how to make some projects of your own.

About the Matyó Region, Distinctive Style

Cultural Identity

“Magyar” is what the original Hungarian people called themselves, pronounced “mud`yar”. Even though the nation itself is made of numerous ethnicities. They are a proud people and preserve their culture and language. Today there is a revival of the folk arts.

Tales to Tell

Hungarian fairytales and the fairies themselves are a bit different than what you’re used to, read about the Tunderek, Hungarian Fairy Lore.

Confidence in the Ancient Virtues

Confidence in the ancient virtue
Confidence in the ancient virtues

Old History Lives on in Hungary

A Love of Decoration from Peasant to King

King's robe embroidered with gold, made in 1031 AD.

King’s robe embroidered with gold, made in 1031 AD.

Hungarian Order of St. Stephen Official Robes; Red and Green Ermine-edged Velvet, Gold Embroidery

Bit of Early History

Learn about Battle of Mohács

The Hungarians held the line on behalf of Christian Europe, the cost to their nation was incredibly high. The population was decimated by the wars with the Ottoman Turks, which destroyed their own country.

Over their history the Magyars developed distinctive decorative arts. Well known for the heavily embroidered fabric arts, the motifs found their way onto painted surface. Discover Hungarian Decorative Painting.

Modern History, in Short

World War 1 resulted in the partition of Hungary under terms of the Treaty of Trianon, when Hungary lost 71% of its lands.

After World War 2 Hungary was dominated by Soviet Russia, and was a Communist state.

1956 Uprising was an important, though tragic, event in modern Hungarian history.

In 1989, Communism fell and the Third Republic instituted.

Presently, a Fourth Republic with a new constitution is the government of Hungary.



Sew it on anything!

World Class Cuisine

Not Just Goulash

-but what Goulash! Delicious and easy.

-but what Goulash! Delicious and easy.

Fantastic Food From Hungarian Cooks

Their cooking is a world class cuisine, and my idea of comfort food. Get a taste sampling Chicken Paprikas or other tasty recipes like the well known Stuffed Cabbage.

I’ve been posting other recipes for those who wish to try these delicious dishes and desserts:

  • Famous Hungarian Chicken Paprikash
    Make authentic Hungarian Paprikas and delight your friend and family. The underestimated cuisine that is world class deliciousness has a number of key recipes. This is one of the finest.
  • Goulash: What I Learned From Hungarian Church Cookbo…
    Food choices tell you a lot about a culture and social change. If you have paid attention to Church cookbooks you might have noticed some things.
  • Famous Hungarian Food
    I know you’re familiar with Italian and French food, but did you know that Hungary has one of the finest of world cuisines? Explore some of the great flavors and creations, delight your palate.

Love Hungarian Village Cookbook Binder

Love Hungarian Village Cookbook Binder

by ilonagarden

Keep all your Hungarian family recipes and memorabilia in one place with a customizable binder.

Distinctive Dog Breeds

Hungarian Dogs – Hungarians love their dogs




Puli is the most famous Hungarian Dog Breed

Hungarian Puli Sheep Dog, ‘Fee’, Jumps over a Hurdle During a Preview for a Pedigree Dog Show

  • Puli, a shepherding dog, is among the most famous, instantly recognizable by the mop of corded locks.
  • The Komondor is a similar looking dog, but bred as a guardian and much larger.
  • The Kuvasz is an all white guard dog, meant to be taken seriously.
  • The Visla is a hunting dog, reputed to be very friendly and lovable.
  • Pumi is a type of terriier, cute and lively
  • Mudi, a newer breed, is much loved. It has characteristics that make it a good companion.Also a sheepherding type.


Gypsy Soul Music

Hungarian Gypsy Music – Nothing quite like it- Eastern European ‘Soul Music’


Give Them a Listen

Csokolom – Old Greeting/New Group

In old-time Hungary it was a polite greeting to say “Csokolom” or ” I kiss your hand”. This is now the name of a band.


The Hungarian Zone

When Nobel Prize winner Enrico Fermi was asked if he believed in extraterrestrials, he replied:

“They are among us, but they call themselves Hungarians”

Are Hungarians Happy?