Cherry Cobbler, Classic Recipe

National Cherry Cobbler Day is on May 17th, just in case you wondered.

History Fact About Cobblers

“The earliest meaning of the word “cobbler” refers to one who makes (or “cobbles”) shoes. Sometime later, “to cobble” came to mean “to put together clumsily or roughly” (American Heritage Dictionary).

This second meaning is most likely the origin of the name of fruit-based dessert known as “cobbler,” in which the ingredients are thrown together with little of the precision required to make a classic fruit pie. Cobblers are thus easy to make.” – The Dictionary of Americanisms

Kifli : Traditional Hungarian Pastry Cookies

This recipe was a family recipe given to me many years ago by a friend. It was passed down through her family and is one of my personal favorites. It makes a large amount of cookies, but they can be frozen and are coveted treats, so give them as gifts (including a printed copy of the recipe).

I have a short list of cookies that must be baked for Christmas time. This is on the short list. I put this recipe on the web back in 1999 when I first started the Loving Christmas site on Geocities. There are probably many copies by now, but this is the one that I have personally baked throughout the years. Try it! I guarantee it will become a favorite.

Dough For Piggies

Using small sausage pieces, wrap in the dough and attach the features, bake and serve these cute little piglets.