Another trip home from Atlanta meant I stopped at the Artisan Center in Berea again. I always factor into my trips which follow I75, now.

The fresh flowers in the photo include flowers commonly found in September: Perennial Ageratum, Ironweed, Sedum, Goldenrod, along with some Shasta daisies which were growing in a large stand outside the building (I noticed them right away). Usually, daisies are earl summer or perhaps midsummer bloomers.

I’ve decided to make it a point to capture a photo of these restroom arrangements, each trip. Always with the iphone, I have a choice of three apps, the regular camera, the CameraPlus app with its filters and addons, or Instagram. Since the latter choice is an important social sharing app, I decided that I ought to go with it more often. Like LinkedIn, I’ve been slow to warm up to those ways of sharing. It’s time to change that this year.

So, Instagram, here I come!

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