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You have found a wonderful resource, if I don’t say so, myself. This post is dedicated to all cookie bakers, especially holiday cooks. Which in my book are the most discerning of culinary artists.

That sounds way too fancy, so let’s just say home cooks who like to serve their families the best possible dishes and treats. Because that is a culinary artist.

A list of great cookies

Now, you have a great collection of recipes to start your holiday baking. What are you waiting for? Many of these pages include helpful tips to make sure your efforts are a success, and they are tested by years with my family, so I am pretty sure your family will love them, too.

Have fun with this part of the Christmas season. Fill your house with the smell of delicious cookies baking and coming fresh from your oven. It only takes a few sessions and one recipe at a time to make a really happy and festive atmosphere.

Yes, we have to watch our calories, but that is when we generously give away platters of homebaked goodies to grateful friends!