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Hammocks always say summer to me. In my part of the country the summers get so hot and humid, and whenever there is a day when the breezes are blowing, taking a nap under shady trees is such a pleasure.

That is how we traditionally use these leisure contraptions in Ohio, where I live.

When I was in Brazil, a hammock was rigged up on an upper outside porch to sleep in more comfortable outside breezes. I definitely spent some time taking advantage of that.

It is just so relaxing to look up into the sky and trees while cradled in a net of sturdy cotton.

If you have ever owned a hammock, you might have experienced how short-lived they can be, or less comfortable when made from flimsy materials.

I found a solution. For many years I’ve heard of “Pawleys Island” brand. Their great workmanship and fine materials result in much better satisfaction.

Now To Compare

If you see those which are imported from Brazil:

The biggest difference between these two types of hammock is noticeable. One is a mesh of netting (The Pawley Island), and the other is solid fabric. Both are very comfortable. The PI type is hung on stretcher bars to provide a comfy surface, while the Brazilian is hung from hooks connected to the support ( walls of a porch).

If situating a hammock in the yard, in our climate where quite a bit rain falls, an outside hammock needs the netting to avoid pooling water. I always have to dump remaining water from my canvas chairs, even though they are meant for outdoor use.  Solid materials will tend to hold small pools of rainwater. The netted type of hammock will not collect any water.

The Brazilian style is very compact when not in use, because there are no spreader bars. It can be unhooked from one side and hung on one single side for storage when not in use.

Which one for you? For me, a place under the trees will make my decision for me- I am very happy to rig up the Pawley Island Hammock into my backyard trees.

What about you? Any happy memories of napping out in the open in one of these? Do you use one when camping or on the porch? What materials and construction have you found most satisfactory- let me know in the comments.