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magnetic forces at work?

I know nothing about them, but Copyblogger knows plenty, so I spent some time on Brian’s famous site reviewing some of his helpful information. You can go straight there or listen to me chat a bit.

How To Write Magnetic Headlines

I went there through a twitter link ( I follow Brian and some others from the days I was in ‘Third Tribe’). I seem to struggle with the actual how-to for some reason, but I have learned so much about copywriting, marketing, and other foreign subjects from reading people who taught in his grand experiment.

I wasn’t ready. Maybe I will never truly be ready, but I’m taking the plunge in many of the things I learned. After all, I don’t wish to only write for myself. Like on this site!

This is classic : Headlines that get results.

Make Sub Heads

Attempt to make them relevant and interesting

That is a lesson found in some of the information ( I tend to follow a rabbit trail of posts on some of these sites). I think I format my posts better, but I have been experimenting like crazy with themes that give me styling and possibilities that I want.

But writing headlines? I used to be so wordy and esoteric ( See? I use words like that). Then I switched to prosaic and dull, ” just the Key words, Ma’am, please.” Now I am supposed to captivate you. At sixty+ I don’t feel captivating. But I will try.  Sometimes daily writing drums you down, but I like the idea of further refining your focus. That is what I am trying to do in life, so why not my writing?

My latest post on Ilona’s Garden was in a post format called “projects” that was built into my Theme. I still struggle with making my own post formats. And now that sentence is an example of what not to do: digress.

Anyway I wrote a resource page on Composting, which I hope to grow into a major source over the coming year. Composting is important to me, and I personally want to do it better. I figure there might be others like me.


Look at the page and then tell me what you think of the headline, etc.

Composting, A New Pile Of Info

Offhand, I’d say that while it has a nice pun, it is too broad in scope. Also composting articles have been done to death, but usually they are scarce on good, complete information. The best ones are specified to particular categories of the composting process.

I wanted something where you can read it and go out and make your compost that very day ( you know, set it up, to actually make the compost takes time).

So. Did I accomplish the goal? What would draw a reader deeper into the page?