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Get a plugin that plugs you in

As always- slow to jump on bandwagon, but I made my first videos for my youtube channel. I’m a total amateur, I admit.

There are probably lots of ways to produce a video, but I utilized the Mac laptop programs, Photobooth and then edited in iMovie. It was fun, but obviously experimental. My daughter liked the videos, and told me they were informative. That was music to my ears since informative is just what I was aiming at in a gardening tutorial.

Take a look, I have three in a series on planting spring bulbs:

New Distractions

I recently was looking at some Vine videos which, like Instagram, is mainly accessed as a smart phone app. Right now, I am not sure what the purpose for these might be. I was the same way about Twitter and Instagram (especially) in the initial stages. but I don’t get what these short videos actually DO.  but I am sort of pedantic that way.

Anyway, I like the tutorial video making process enough that I think I will continue. My goal is to refine the flow and improve my speaking, as well as condense the amount of time it takes to convey the information.