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The Many Shades of A Beautiful Green Hue

Martha Stewart has become an American icon, and her favored color palettes, especially the green that has infused much of her books and publications are part of her brand. The carefully edited color palettes that identify her magazine, television shows, and books feature a soft green with analogous harmonies. What does that mean when you are looking for the perfect shade of green to give a calm and peaceful sophistication to your own home? Read on to explore this color, in its variations and home decor applications.

Martha Stewart Green may change incrementally over the years, but there is a definite impression made in our minds of this soft and relaxing shade of green.

This is a look at its shades, possible origins, favored harmonies, and today’s interpretation of the green palette choices we have come to designate with Martha Stewart’s name and brand.

Martha Stewart Decorating, The Original Signature Green


Martha Stewart’s Signature Green is a soft Jade-ite tint.

Her decorating style is rooted in tradition, but I think what makes it so popular is the way those traditions are reinterpreted to reflect the general direction that tastes are trending in: more subtle, or brighter, etc.

Why does this work so well? It retains brand loyalty, harmonizes with other brands and the colors available in many stores, and gives a cohesive look that stands up to fashion trend change, all at the same time.

This green, in particular, has a timeless appeal. It could appear in my grandmother’s house, my mom’s, mine, or my daughter’s. It wouldn’t be a stretch to believe it could well be popular in the homes of my grandchildren in the future.

Compare this shade of green with the one so popular during the late sixties: Avocado green. It is interesting that one could span generations of popularity (in varying degrees) while another can become so dated in one decade.

A kitchen done in Martha Stewart's Style

A kitchen done in Martha Stewart’s Style

Source: via Lilly and on Pinterest

Martha Stewart’s use of green as a signature color has ranged from a bright minty hue to a soft celery green, and back. It has even at times been more of a khaki color, but it always seems to gravitate to that softly whitened green that could be best called “Martha Stewart Green”.

Green Craft Paint

Green Crafts Paint in this lovely green shade will be a nice departure from the usual harsh too-bright look.

Use in bedrooms or the kitchen, upscale old furnishings.

Green Glazed Kitchenware

Green glazed creamer

Colors: By Any Other Name

selection of green colors

Selection of interior paint colors in this family.

The green colors that we associate with the Martha Stewart Brand has been evolving in its own right, but once digging into the early magazine covers and articles, interior decorating books, and ( if you are like me and have long loved Martha Stewart design sense) looking over the greens used for Martha Stewart brand garden tools, and kitchen wares… an interesting connection arises.

Shades Of Vert

The evolution of Martha Stewarts signature colors has gone through and evolution of shades. Other names might be Jadeite, Pistachio, or pale Apple Green. It is 42% saturated and 77% bright when the medium range is chosen.

Many are tints of Viridian green.

“Martha Stewart Green” has Roots in the Past

You probably don’t often think of greens that are known as “jade-ite” “institutional green”… or even further back in time “Venetian Green”, but these are well known names to the collector of 1930s glassware or restoration decorators reconstructing the 1920 to 1930 home styles.

If you like the colors that Martha Stewart is famous for, you might also like collectibles like McCoy Pottery, Depression glass, and Jadeite glassware. Because her colors are so “livable” they are widely available through design and paint lines in many stores, including Home Depot and Macy’s ( although not only those stores!)

deeper and earthier shades

Deeper and earthier shades

Twenties Green Kitchen

1920 Kitchen Palette

1920 Kitchen Palette

A Thirties Kitchen In Jadeite Green

A Thirties Kitchen was an inspiration for the signature green that helped build Martha’s empire.

A Thirties Kitchen was an inspiration for the signature green that helped build Martha’s empire.
Jadeite Green – Modern and Collectible

Martha Stewart helped reintroduce Jadeite to many. This creamy green color was highly popular in the 1930s and 40’s. Many like it today for the retro look it gives their kitchen.

1930's Era Kitchen

1930’s Era Kitchen

In the Kitchen – Soft Greens, Darling Designs

Kitchen appliances in a pretty color

Kitchen appliances in a pretty color

KitchenAid RRK150PT 5 Qt. Artisan Series – Pistachio (Renewed)

Popular Reading Right Now

While looking into this palette of greens, I found that there is renewed interest in reproducing Martha Stewart Living articles and reminiscing about some of the favorite issues of the past. I know I have saved my past issues of Martha Stewart Living even after decluttering forced me to throw away many issues of other types of magazines (yes, I save magazines until forced to part with them- and I do mean forced by facing up to the fact that you can’t hold onto everything).

Martha Stewart’s site revisits the best room color designs of the past.

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Pistachio Green is Very Martha Stewart

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And her products help the rest of us to do it, as well.

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Always New Decorating Ideas: They are fresh and yet hark back to the traditional and familiar for a cozy home look.

I have the suspicion that people either love or hate Martha Stewart. So here is the place to find out for sure. I want to know: are you a fan of Martha Stewart or Not? What is it that earns your brand loyalty or rejection?

Whether it is kitchen gadgets or crafty things- Martha Stewart has such cute details and pretty colors, they are hard to resist.

Are you a fan of Martha Stewart? Or definitely not a fan? Why do you feel that way?

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Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

Being Martha: The Inside Story of Martha Stewart and Her Amazing Life

There is a complete backstory to the empire, the branding, and the career and lifestyle of the famous Martha Stewart. Even the cover of her biography has her signature colors of green and blue, modernized and brightened up, but still easily recognized.