What you have here are some great ideas for coming together as a family, having real conversations, especially if that seems awkward (when you have teenagers, talking together as a group can often feel awkward).

Who would have guessed that this little box of simple questions could become such a fire conversation starter. The only reason I mention fire, is not due to incendiary topics, but because it was when our family started to intentionally increase our communication levels we gathered around our firepit.

The deceptively unassuming appearance of a little round box with the picture of a homey lattice topped pie belies the power of asking the the right questions.

When it comes to helping people share their thoughts, particularly when we aren’t used to it, many of us are at a loss. With these little round boxes of questions, that o longer needs to be the case.

Filled to the brim with small round cards that are printed with questions, these starters help immensely when you are sitting down and trying to talk.

You know, it’s a little like trying to relax: you overthink it.

But with some coaxing from ready made topics, you are bound to strike upon a few that really get the communication going.

 What About Your Family?

Family Game Night Is Fun And Brings Your Family Closer Together

How our family makes time for a family game night and how we choose various games and activities to do.

 Do You Have A Family Game Night Set Up?


  •  We get together regularly to play games
  •  We occasionally pull out the games and have a go
  •  I am sad to say, that we don’t play games together
  •  We do, but our family plays more physical games like touch football
  •  Not since the kids were little, but I think we might try it again


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