I’ve been very remiss in my blogging here. Some is a bit of the old melancholy and some is that I have served the mistress of the other blog and neglected others ( this one).

Lots of times this blog is going to feature products, because sometimes that is what I find pleasure in. Lately it’s been bath products. Do all women love their baths?… I would think so, although so much of the time we are trying to squeeze a short shower in between all the demands. But bathing is an art; in some cultures, notably the Roman and Turkish….it was taken to heights that – I could really get into, let’s just put it that way. Even the kind of massage and skin scraping, and waxing activities that are sometimes described as painful. All sounds good to me.

But for now, I am happy with salt or sugar scrubs (I prefer the sugar to the salt scrubs). Plenty of hot water, or mineral salts if I have time for a soak. It’s relaxing and renewing. I do lots of thinking in a bath, not so much in the shower.

Origin Ginger scrub, and the Bathamp;Body Works Ginger are both wonderful. You can tell I love the Ginger fragrances.

Back to my happy thoughts and off to bed…. for tomorrow I work;)

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